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IELTSFever Cue Card Example a Speech You Heard

IELTSFever Cue Card Example a Speech You Heard

IELTSFever cue card example A speech you heard or Describe an interesting talk or speech that you heard recently.

I have heard many talks/speeches in my life; some were interesting, and some were not. However, I would like to talk about an interesting speech I heard at an environmental fair at my old school in my hometown 🏫🌳.

I was really surprised and engaged by the content, especially because the speaker was from my hometown and known for her excellent teaching 🗣️🍃.

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She described the causes and effects of global warming in a way that was very interesting. She explained how pollution is growing day by day due to tree cutting 🌲, the proliferation of industries 🏭, etc., which are responsible for global warming.

She informed us about how we can control global warming, such as by not cutting down trees, planting more trees 🌱, using recycled materials ♻️, and saying no to plastic bags 🚫🛍️.

According to me, it was an enlightening speech. After listening to this speech, I was inspired to use recycled material and have grown many trees around my house 🏡🌳.

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I believe if every person makes an effort to protect our environment, then they should do it confidently. So, let’s keep our environment clean 🌍✨.

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