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Childhood Obesity Has Become a Serious Problem in Recent Years

Childhood Obesity Has Become a Serious Problem in Recent Years

Childhood obesity has become a serious problem in recent years. What are the primary causes of this? What measures should be taken to reduce childhood obesity?

Nowadays, juveniles are getting overweight, and it has become a moot issue. This is primarily due to eating pre-cooked food, leading a sedentary life, and this problem can be best tackled by the supervision of the parents on the eating habit of children and to name but a few.

At the outset, the paradigm shift is responsible for making the lifestyle of parents hectic. Parents work round the clock for the greener posture of their children, and they left less time for preparing food for their family. So, in that situation, juveniles rely on ready-made food, and the consumption of fast food makes them more obese as nippers do not eat staple food. Besides, the taste of convenience food allures them to eat more due to food addiction. For instance, fast food is prepared with the desire to fascinate children to consume more by adding flavours and other material. Therefore, minors, in order to relish different varieties, consume more and become overweight. Besides, spending more leisure time playing games and chatting with friends on electronic gadgets leads them to adopt a sedentary lifestyle. In this way, they develop protruded stomach. For instance, now, due to the availability of internet nippers, life has become comfortable as they complete their assignments with the assistance of modern devices and entertain themselves as well. Thus, they do not get time for doing exercises, namely running, walking. Thus, gradually, they gain more weight and experience a lot of problems due to it. Therefore, most children in western countries are greater at risk of obesity.

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To reduce obesity among children, many measures have been taken, and out of many, the first is making children depend on fast food less and more on traditional food. To avoid them eating junk food more, supervision of parents is indispensable. For example, when children will be monitored well by their parents, they will eat less. In many families, immature eat when they are alone. What’s more, making food palatable by adding natural herbs or vegetables can make the children eat more homemade food. In addition, imposing a tax on fast food can make the miners will eat less ready-made food and slowly, they will be able to get rid of obesity.

In conclusion, Thus there are numerous reasons such as preservatives that are added to enrich the taste of food, hectic schedule of parents for making food. Besides, obesity can be controlled by the supervision of the parents, imposing a tax on pre-cooked food and to name but a few.

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