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Describe a book you want to write

# Describe a book you want to write

You should say:

I’ve never in a million years thought of writing my book. However, I’ll tell you about an experience which gave me some motivation to write once. When I was about 14 years old, I woke up from a dream in which I was writing a book about how to try to explain the concept of colours to blind people. After this dream, I fixated on (focused on) this idea for weeks, even decided to start writing, but all in all, I didn’t know where to begin.

I thought this would be an exciting book, as I’m sure it isn’t a common topic. Furthermore, I’m sure it’s not a question that often comes to the minds of others. However, I’ve always been fascinated by thinking about the concept of colour. When I close my eyes, I try to imagine what it would be like to be blind. I wonder what they see- like is it all blackness? I try to figure out how I could paint the colours of the world to someone who has never experienced sight. I thought about making an audio book or training others about my book to start a movement to do this with the blind.

In my 14-year-old mind, I had a lot of compassion for the blind and deaf. I grew up with a sister who has significant hearing loss, so I learned from a young age not to take my sights for granted (not to appreciate). I think it would be an interesting concept to try to explain how the world looks using other views, as well as not using colour. Although this dream of mine has passed, I still think of it from time to time.

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