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Describe a Complaint You Made and That You Were Satisfied with The Results

Describe a Complaint You Made and That You Were Satisfied with The Results
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Describe a complaint you made and that you were satisfied with the results.

Sample 1:Describe a Complaint You Made and That You Were Satisfied with The Results

Nowadays, technologies getting more advanced day by day, so everything online to purchase, most of the population is using these technologies for buying a product.

Today I want to discuss one product that I bought from the online platform Flipkart last month. This was a mini robot that obeyed our command of instruction for the operation of home appliances.

So I made a call to the support team, and after getting all the information from me, I transferred a call to Alexa support. Which is properly dedicated to Alexa work only.

I have discussed all the issues I’m facing with the device, the team is trying to troubleshoot the issue, but they are unable to do this on their end.

So they request me to can we initiate a replacement for you, or otherwise, we will initiate a refund also. But I need it so I request them to initiate replacement for this product.

After 2-3 days, one of the support persons visited my house and fixed the issue with replacement and helped us also to install it. With these types of instant solutions and installations, I got very happy with the support of the Flipkart team.

Sample 2:Describe a Complaint You Made and That You Were Satisfied with The Results

I went to a store to purchase some items for my new rented apartment since I just move to a different city. At the supermarket, I was looking for big trolleys to use for shopping, but I could not find any.

I asked an attendant, and she said they do not have trolleys, only small baskets. . I asked to speak with the manager in charge of the supermarket, and I told him how disappointed I was and expressed my displeasure about the issue and how using small baskets would be stressful while shopping.

He pleaded with me and assigned two persons to me to help with the baskets once they were filled up. I completed my shopping and left. Before I left, the supervisor promised that they would make provisions for trolleys within the coming week, and he apologized for the inconvenience.

Two weeks later, I returned to the store and found that trolleys had been provided. I was elated because the use of trolleys will ease shopping for persons who are buying a variety of items that will not fit into small baskets.

I approached the manager and appreciated his listening to my complaint and implementing my recommendation.

Follow-Up Questions

Question 1. When do people usually complain?

Answer 1: Well, in most scenarios, whenever people face any type of trouble with the product which they bought recently. In addition, when he is not satisfied with the product commitment as the company committed while advertising.

Answer 2: Most people complain when they have high hopes or expectations about someone or something, and that thing or person does not live up to their expectations. However, it is the nature of some people to complain about things. You can never satisfy their wants, and I try as much as possible to avoid such individuals.

Question 2. Can complaining help solve problems?

Answer 1: Yes! Most of the time, If we complain to any company related to their product, the company tries to resolve the issue within a short time to build trust and faith in their product. For instance, as I made a complaint about my issue, I got a solution within 3 working days from the company.

Answer 2: I believe complaints only bring to light an inherent problem, but it does not solve the problem identified. Making recommendations when complaining can help identify how to solve the problem.

Question 3. What other measures should you take to solve problems rather than complain?

Answer 1: First of all, if I have any type of knowledge about the product, then I try to fix it by myself. If somehow I’m unable to fix it, then only I prefer to raise a complaint against it. And get this fixed from the company end.

Answer 2: Rather than complaining, I believe a review of a product or service is a way to identify problems and seek means to solve them. Moreover asking questions about a product helps in the identification of an inherent problem, and possible solutions can be researched.

Question 4. What kind of people complain?

Answer 1: There are a number of types of complaints, for example. Police complaints, product and services complaints, and most interesting, teacher and parent complaints about the student.

Answer 2: The category of people who complain is people who did not find satisfaction in the product. Also, some people complain because of high expectations of a person or product but were disappointed as they did not deliver up to what was expected. Another kind of people that complains are angry customers.

Question 5. Do you think customers’ complaints will improve products or services?

Answer 1: Yes, I do! I believe customers are the real pentester for any product. Because they use it on a daily based, if they face any type of issue with the product, they directly report it to the company, and the company tries to fix it and upgrade their product error-free.

Answer 2: Yes, I believe when customers complain about a particular product, this will prompt manufacturers to improve the product or service so they do not lose their customers to competitors.

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