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Describe a Crop, Vegetable or Plant That You Are Familiar With

Describe a Crop, Vegetable or Plant That You Are Familiar With

Describe a crop, vegetable or plant that you are familiar with.

Sample Answer of Describe a Crop, Vegetable or Plant That You Are Familiar With

India is a land of agriculture, and there are a variety of crops which are grown in different parts of the country today. I want to talk about one of the chief crops, and that is Tea grown on a hill station where there is ample rainfall. So normally, these crops grow whenever there are cats and dogs cause it is only in such conditions it has the ability to have a major in the exact regions. I think that the northern than the North-Eastern part of the country has the numerous tea plantations and I remember I vaguely remember that my mother one day gave me this mixed with water and it was one of the amazing drinks which I had consumed yes really beneficial for people who are down with fever and when I consume Tea I sale so refreshing and rejuvenating, and it makes me work better the taste and the essence of it because its taste is really and I also believe that is one of the major exports to a developed nation such as USA and Canada.

Follow-ups of Describe a Crop, Vegetable or Plant That You Are Familiar With

Question 1:- Do people in your country like to grow plants at home?

Answer- Yes, people in my country are fond of growing a natural vegetation area in their surroundings or on their terraces, so many programs which people are organizing about growing the plants there in their homes.

Question 2:- Do old people grow plants?

Answer- I believe that it is mostly the elderly citizens who are deeply interested in growing plants because most of them are retired and don’t have much work to do in their homes, so they tend to create interest in these kinds of extra activities, and they’re of an inductor in their houses.

Question 3:- How do schools teach students to grow plants?

Answer- Schools Navodaya schools are creating some lectures on how to cultivate plants, and they are also stating the importance of the benefits and the how it to our livelihood.

Question 4:- What is the main crop of your country?

Answer- To main crops which are grown all over the country, there are wheat and rice-wheat is grown in the Northern part of the country, and rice is the cultivated in the southern part of the Nation by the people on a daily basis, and without these two crops, survival is challenging.

Question 5:- How were the crops grown in the past?

Answer- Periods people were mostly occupied had their occupation in agriculture, so they use to plant and a large number of seats on the lands directly and it would pop up immediately after few weeks methods which they also used a when they want to take the yield of it.

Question 6:- Do you know some of the more advanced ways to grow crops?

Answer- There are many methods with which we can cultivate crops. For instance, we can adopt scenery and tractors video from the human to recreate less labour and has a maximum yield of the crop.

Question 7:- Are there some drawbacks to growing crops using modern technology?

Answer- Really I don’t say any drawbacks of inculcating modern machinery because it reduces human labour, and also it has a maximum yield, and the ultimate crop is really a fruit.

Question 8:- Is farming a popular career choice in India?

Answer- Farming is one of the most important occupations in India because India is a land of agriculture and 70% of the people are employed in agriculture, so India also experts on a lot of crops to other nations and hence in.

Question 9:- Why don’t young people today like to be in the farming business?

Answer- Navoday youngsters are mostly either an engineer or a doctor, and in these kinds of professions hence they are lacking in the proper education and the benefits of becoming a farmer or investing their careers and farming reasons for their disinterest in farming.

Question 10:- How do you think technology will change farming in the future?

Answer- In future, mostly the robots are going to be in a going to be of high importance, so if applied in the fields of agriculture, then the human labour will also be minimized a robot have the tendency to work for long hard the crop will be higher and also there are so many benefits when the crop is the cultivated more.

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