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Describe A Difficult Thing You Did And Succeeded

Describe a difficult thing you did and succeeded

Describe A Difficult Thing You Did And Succeeded

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Sample answer:-  Describe A Difficult Thing You Did And Succeeded

I have always been interested in taking on challenges in my life because it helps to build self-confidence and make a better version of myself. In fact, in my entire life. I do various kinds of different things, like participate in adventurous sports and learn complicated things or skills.

Most of the time, these actions prove beneficial for me, but sometimes they put me a great risk. However, here I would like to share a similar experience that has been experienced by me, and I found it quite challenging in starting but later got success.

It was to clear the UGC net. After my post-graduation, it was a daunting task for me as it involved literature from different centuries. Moreover, the choice was limited as the students. Those who have read linguistics, they have insufficient knowledge about great poets or writers. Therefore, that was a weak area for me, but anyhow, I had plenty of time. I devoted six months to clear this test, and I was glad I didn’t find it

I must tell you, After post-graduation, UGC net was mandatory to get a permanent job in a College and a University. Without qualifying this test, one is not able to get an excellent job with a handsome income. So to be in a teaching profession was indispensable for me. I was over the moon because after qualifying some specific entrances, it’s a proud moment for the person if one gets a

If I’m talking about my feeling, I got a job in a college; that was my childhood dream; therefore, I felt like a dream come true. Moreover, I also got many other amenities and was glad to work There.

I think self-satisfaction is more important than any additional benefit. I was satisfied with my job because that job proved beneficial for me as I learned a lot of things. Eventually, this was a thing that was strenuous for me, but I came off with flying colors.

Follow-ups Describe A Difficult Thing You Did And Succeeded

Q.1 Why people involve in difficult work?

Answer – Well, people get involved in difficult things because they want to prove themselves. They want to establish their identity along with name and fame. There are many people who take part in adventurous sports, which are very difficult for others to do. In this way, they become famous. So satisfaction, hefty amount, name, and fame all these things allure them to do hard things.

Q. 2 Do you think parents allow their children to do difficult things?

Answer – Well, nowadays, parents allow their children to take part in daunting tasks as they consider it is high time for them to become famous. If they start taking a risk at an early age, then in the future, they will not face any kind of threat and they will be able to handle that situation daringly.

Q.3 What kind of difficult things that children do?

Answer – Children do a lot of very complex things, such as they take part in climbing the high wall so that In the future, they can be a mountaineer. Moreover, cycle races and boxing are these kinds of adventurous activities that nippers participate in.

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