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Describe A Person Who Contributes To Society: Cue Card

Describe a Person Who Contributes to Society.
You Should Say:

Sample Answer: Describe a Person Who Contributes to Society

I want to talk to you about someone really special in my life, someone who contributes a lot to our community. This person is my neighbour, Rahul. I got to know him when he moved in next door, and he’s a true community hero.

He is a teacher at the local school, and what makes him stand out is the way he goes above and beyond. He doesn’t just teach in the classroom. He spends his free time organizing study groups for students, free of cost, who need extra help. He even volunteers at the community centre, tutoring kids in subjects they find challenging.

I believe He contributes to society in a big way because he doesn’t just do his job. He cares deeply about the people around him. He invests time in helping kids succeed and dedicates his weekends to keeping our neighbourhood clean. His actions show that contributing to society is about more than just a job.

Follow-ups: Describe a Person Who Contributes to Society

Question 1:- Do People Nowadays Help Others More than In the Past?

Well, it varies from person to person or to which community you belong. To some extent, in my opinion, from the last few decades, People have been busy with their work and do not have much of a helping hand to others.

Question 2:- What Types of People (parents, Teachers, Friends, Etc.) Are Best to Influence Young People’s Behaviour?

Children or students spend most of their time at school or college. I think teachers play a vital role in influencing young people’s behaviours.

Question 3:- In What Kind of Professions Do People Help Others More?

There are a lot of professions, Like teaching, as I mentioned earlier in my speech. The community works like old age homes, garden cleaning work, money lent, etc.

Question 4:- What Are Some of The Ways People Can Help Others in The Community? Which Is Most Important?

In my opinion, people can help in many ways, like volunteering, donating blood or finances, donating food, clothes, etc.

Question 5:- Why Do You Think Some People Like to Help Other People?

When someone helps other people, it’s human nature to represent humanity. It’s a vibe of happiness.

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