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Describe a Problem That Affects The Environment in The Area Where You Live

Describe a Problem That Affects The Environment in The Area Where You Live (1)

Describe a problem that affects the environment in the area where you live

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Sample Answer of Describe a Problem That Affects The Environment in The Area Where You Live

I’d start by mentioning that I am currently residing in Chennai, one of the major metropolitan cities of my country, and I stay in an area that is close to a famous technology park home to many multinational corporations. Due to this reason, this place has been swamped with the population in the last decade.

I have landed in Chennai and rented my apartment back in 2011 since I found the place tranquil. Ever since then, this place has expanded and developed beyond my imagination. While there are definite merits of staying in the area with all modern amenities, it comes with its own setbacks. The biggest issue which residents are facing is the alarming rise in pollution levels on the main street.

Owing to the myriad of vehicles of daily commuters, it isn’t easy to breathe in without a mask on. The issue is severe in winters when emissions get trapped in the air. In addition, constant honking on the roads is inconvenient for older people who often stay at home the full day. The residents have been really the heat of this issue for the last few years and have repeatedly complained to the local traffic department.

Well, I feel we cannot avoid the traffic nowadays and cannot stop the people to commute, however there few fundamentals which everyone needs to adhere to to make society a better place to live. People should think about honking if it is indispensable while especially passing through the residential areas. Moreover, it is the duty of every driver to check the carbon emission levels of his vehicles regularly. We should think about others and especially about Mother Nature, and be law-abiding citizens.

Follow-ups Describe a Problem That Affects The Environment in The Area Where You Live.

Question 1 Tell me, what do you think are the greatest problems your country is facing at present?

Answer – Well, I’d say that the most burning issues in my country today are slow economic development, unemployment, and poor public healthcare. Of course, we have a problem with environmental degradation like other countries too. To cite an instance, healthcare, especially in the public sector, is struggling with poor infrastructure, outdated machines, scarcity of good doctors, and lack of hygiene. This forces people to opt for private healthcare, which is exorbitant and often strips the people financially. Many people in my country die because they cannot afford medical treatment.

Question 2 Do you think things are likely to get better or worse in the future?

Answer – I sincerely hope that the situation will get better down the road. In fact, the government had started some initiatives to address these issues, and some progress can be seen in certain sectors. There are improvements in terms of infrastructure and technology. However, I’d say it is a long journey and will take time to benefit the majority of people. For instance, the perilous conditions of the government hospitals have improved in metropolitans. However, it is yet to reach the rural sector of India.

Question 3 And what has been done so far to solve these problems?

Answer – The government has taken various initiatives for my country’s economic growth, and according to the statistics, we are indeed progressing. The progress is seen in other areas as well, such as education, foreign investments, job security. In addition, the government has launched many schemes to financially aid the impoverished sectors, farmers and encouraging them to be self-reliant. The best example here is the Make in India initiative run by our honourable prime minister with the main focus on boosting the local businessman and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Question 4 How successful would you say these measures have been?

Answer – In my opinion, these initiatives are have been proven successful to some extent. If I talk about the Make in India campaign, it did encourage the general public to shop for locally produced goods to support our economy, which will reflect in numbers down the road. However, there is a scope for improvement, and more vigorous measures are needed to alleviate the issues.

Question 5 Is what you are going to study likely to be of any use to solve these problems?

Answer – I am a computer science graduate and currently working in the technology sector. I am positive that I am contributing to the country’s economy in the form of annual taxes as a law-abiding citizen. I have plans to set up my software firm in the near future, where I will employ experts in computer education. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to provide employment to a large number of people as a small contribution towards the economy from my side. In addition, the computer firm is likely to attract overseas projects as well. These are the small ways via which I am hoping to contribute to my nation’s progress.

Question 6 Question Should countries try to solve the climate change problems together or individually? Why?

Answer – I believe climate change and its negative consequences are global issues, and therefore the whole world should work together to solve it. It is true that some parts of the world are facing more problems due to global warming and other climate changes, but if the world leaders fail to work together, the entire world will suffer unforeseeable consequences. Rich nations contribute more to degrading nature and have more responsibility and power to bring the nations together to a common platform – making the world inhabitable for us and our future generations.

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