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Describe a time someone or something made noise IELTS EXAM

Describe a time someone or something made noise IELTS EXAM

Describe a time someone or something made noise cue card IELTS EXAM

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Sample 1 Describe a time someone or something made noise

If you live in my country long enough, you will totally agree with me that those who are driving make a lot of noise, especially during peak traffic hours.

All roads have never been free of the honking noises of all kinds of vehicles from vans and cars, to mopeds. It is, in my opinion, the most annoying sound you could imagine. Whenever I heard people honking like angry geese, I felt very annoyed and frustrated. A majority of people should learn when to use the horn properly. It seems to me that they push the horn all the time because they want to be able to drive fast, while everyone else gets out of their way.

Despite the fact that I hate it so much, I cannot give up driving here. So I learned to ignore it, and use my horn sparingly or just in case of an emergency. However, I still think that the city should have a campaign on educating people to use the horn in a proper way so that the city is not polluted by noise.

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sure, simply in recent several months, my neighbor was adorning his condominium upstairs in our high-upward thrust within the daytime. I was truly bothered by the noise of the drills, hammers, and other electricity gear.

I used to be advised that a brand new neighbor had offered the new condominium and that they ripped the whole lot out and commenced over with naked concrete. consequently, considering that then, the noise of hammers, saws, drills appeared infinite in the daytime, every so often even on the weekends. The staccato hammer drill started out at the crack of dawn and literally made sleep not possible. I nearly ought to experience that the walls shook and it drove me insane.

I as soon as known as the assets manager to tell him the scenario, hoping he may want to take a few activities, however, he responded to me that the application files of the decoration have been whole, so he may want to do not anything approximately the inevitable aspect. I was virtually annoyed and frustrated. however, what I could do was getting out of my residence to do a little doors sports when the paintings became doing in unreasonable hours.

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