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Describe a Time You Went to A Crowded Place: Speaking Cue Card

Describe a Time You Went to A Crowded Place
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Describe a time you went to a crowded place

Sample 1:Describe a Time You Went to A Crowded Place

The Festival fair is the only place where we can find a number of people in a crowd. In my country, every after two or three months, we can see such type of fair. Today I am going to tell you the Story of when I went to Ludhiana, Punjab, on Dussehra last time.

Basically, Dussehra is a very nonfestival among the Hindus due to on this day, Lord Ram killed the giant Ravan and saved her wife from him.

Me and my friend both decided to go to attend the fair and see the burning Ravan. Accidentally that day was Sunday. We didn’t have any type of awareness that so many people would be there when we saw the large crop.

We got quite surprised about it. For a second, we thought that we had to return home. But my friend told me let’s go and enjoy the moment. So we went there.

Where we had some food and saw Circus, but if I am talking about the food was totally worthless as we had paid the amount for it. But the most interesting thing is that these days if you are going to buy anything, then you have to pay twice the amount than the actual amount.

After the Circus, we enjoyed ourselves a lot. We had ice cream together, and then we went to Maut Ka Kuan, where two or three people were driving a car or bike on a wooden wall. After enjoying approx 3 to 4 hours, we got tired so we went to our home.

Sample 2:Describe a Time You Went to A Crowded Place

In October 2017, I attended a comedy fiesta in Lagos, Nigeria which was organized by a leading telecommunications company called Globacom. In May of that same year, I attended a musical show organized by the same company while I was in Port Harcourt.

It was fun, and I enjoyed it, so when I heard about the comedy fiesta, and, coincidentally, I was in Lagos, I had to include it in my schedule and informed my younger sister, who seemed enthusiastic to attend.

The day arrived, and I went there with my sister. The fiesta was free, but the only criterion to enter the venue was to present the SMS on your phone inviting you to the occasion. I presented my SMS, and I was allowed entry so did my sis.

When we entered, the place was already crowded. I was amazed because I wasn’t expecting to see such a large crowd. The crowd made the show interesting and fun with the side talks and cheering. I enjoyed going to that fiesta.

Follow-Up Questions

Question 1. Is there a completely quiet place?

Answer 1: No, we can’t say that it is a quiet place because lots of noise pollution are happening on that day. Everywhere you can hear songs and announcements etc.

Answer 2: I do not believe there is a completely quiet place, but I can say that there are places with negligible or unnoticeable amounts of noise, but that doesn’t signify it is void of noise, which means it is not quiet.

Question 2. Why do a lot of people enjoy going to crowded places?

Answer 1: In my opinion more than people, children enjoy themselves a lot so that is the main reason parents go there. Because they are a number of activities to do along with a number of items they can buy, like dolls, toys, etc.

Answer 2: I believe a crowded place is a fun place to be, which is why a large number of people go there. Also, a place with a large congregation of people breeds networking, and one can make friends too.

Question 3. Do you like to go to places where there are many people?

Answer 1: Actually I don’t like crowdy places as well as noisy places. The main reason behind this is that whenever I am stuck in a crowdy or noisy place, I get a headache, so I always try to avoid it when most people are gathering.

Answer 2: Yes, I enjoy going to a place with a large number of people. Though I am not an extrovert, I enjoy watching people interact, their mannerisms, and their fashion sense, to mention a few.

Question 4. What are the places which attract many people to your country?

Answer 1: There are a number of places that attracts people a lot, like historical places such as Red Fort Taj Mahal Qutub Minar, etc., but people also want to visit there where some type of fair is organized, and some type of events are happening.

Answer 2: There are lots of places that attract people to my country example includes Olumo Rock, Nike art gallery, Lekki Conservation Area, and Ikogusi Cold and Hot Spring, to mention a few.

Question 5. What do you think is the most important thing about a public event?

Answer 1: Public events are useful for those persons who are not able to go outside the country or city. Because most of the time, I have seen a number of new things coming in the event from where people can gather information about it, and they also enjoy that event with their family. So, in my opinion, a public event is the best option to display or present our assets.

Answer 2: I believe the most important thing in a public event is planning, most especially determining the number of participants expected at such an event which automatically aids in the selection of the venue. I believe that if the wrong venue is chosen for a public event, it affects the event negatively.

Question 6. Would you say it’s important for a city to have amusement (and/or recreational) facilities?

Answer 1: Recreational facilities are also important for the people who can afford them and want to show their talent at this event, for example, games like chess carrom board, etc., where people can join and show their talent.

Answer 2: Yes, amusement parks and recreational facilities are a must-have in a city. It serves as a source of revenue, and also people get to leave their homes and have some fun. I remember when I was younger, I went to an amusement park with my parents and some neighbors; it was a fun time and a time to bond too.

Question 7. What kind of places do people want to go to when they want to be alone?

Answer 1: Individual people have an individual choice, so we can’t judge on the basis of mentality. If I am Consulting myself as an example, then whenever I feel lonely at that time, I always give preference to sit on the bank of a river or go for a long walk in a park.

Answer 2: I believe people go to places they are familiar with. Most times, they have a memory attached to that place. Also, people go to beaches but to part of the beach where people are not too conversant. Some other people go to places of worship, such as churches or mosques.

Question 8. How do you think cities overseas are different from those in your country?

Answer 1: If I am comparing the one country where I visited last year, Singapore, if I am comparing my city with Singapore, then there is a number of things that we have to modify to look like that. First is the garbage disposal. Secondly, the clean Road and the main thing which I have noticed is that there a no trees on the bank of the Road but India has lots of trees so this thing I like a lot.

Answer 2:  I do not think there is a gulf of difference between cities overseas and those in my country. I believe the major variation is infrastructural development and the quality of life of the people.

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