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Describe a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood: IELTS Speaking Topics

Describe a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood IELTS Speaking Topics

Describe a toy you liked in your childhood

Sample Answer of Describe a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood: IELTS Speaking Topics

Childhood toys play a significant role in the lifestyle of the children even that makes the lifestyle of the children is incredible and interesting children like to play with their toys whole the time and here I would like to talk a toy which I liked to play when I was in toddler I remember vividly when I was in a six standard even I got a gift from my father on my birthday so it was a Remote control car when I saw this car I felt over the moon. because I had never received that kind of gift in my childhood time apart from that I offered to play all the time with this toy and i didn’t like to share that car with anyone else it was a fully automatic car and came with remote control and there were two battery put inside the car then worked automatically even the overall shape of that car was quite mesmerising. I always used my quality time with that toy so when I also got that gift to my father and I also gave promise I never use that gift all the time but I failed and breached my promise myself because this car was very fascinated so I liked to spend my time to play this car even this car also had very incredible features even its automatically changed direction with artificial intelligence even any obstacles came into the part of car automatically changed its position into another way so I also showed that gift with my friends but I didn’t like to use that gift by my friends moreover I knew very well all my friend circle got jealous with me because I had very advance car so that was the gift which I got from my father on my sixth birthday. seriously it was a beautiful gift in my life even now I also preserved in my guestroom but this car not able to in a working condition because it’s quite old and all the machinery inside get damage so that is a gift which I got a certain way and I often to play all the time when I was in kinder garden.

Follow-ups of Describe a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood: IELTS Speaking Topics

Question 1:- What is the difference between girls’ and boys’ toys?

Answer- Diya lots of differences between the two vessels male and female even according to the male they always prefer different toys like racing cars tanks aeroplanes and some kind of technology Kar Leti toys but in the term of females they always like Barbie doll even kitchen toys because it depends on their desires which they like to spend a time with them, so I think both genders has a different mindset about the toys.

Question 2:- Do you believe toys really assist in children’s growth?

Answer- Yes, definitely toys play a significant role in managing the lifestyle of the children even every toy has a lot of features which gives all lessons about the children because every toy uses advanced technology with children like to interact themself and also play all the time which they learn numerous lessons from them. As a result, they also become smarter than the toys.

Question 3:- Does modern technology have an impact on children’s toys?

Answer- Yes due to technological advancement all the toys are replaced by high-tech machinery even every single to use some kinds of feature which children get attracted to watch them moreover in this modern era numerous organisation also set up their companies and also manufacture advance in toys which people also assist them self and enhance their knowledge and skills.

Question 4:- Have we lost our hands skills such as sewing?

Answer- In this fast and parcel life, everything would be lost a few times, and one of the most useful skills such as sewing, would be impacted by the invasion of technologies because individuals in the past time used hand sewing on a wide scale and made it a desirable clothes according to their desires but in this is all a modern community everything is replaced by high-tech machinery so hand machine would be lost in future.

Question 5:- What toys are popular with children in India now?

Answer- They are plenty of toilets or kinds popular in India among the children like robots remote, controlled cars, kitchen toys even some kind of different puzzles which people and children like to use in the day to day lives because so in these toys contain high-tech machinery and technology which students like to interact with them and also enhance their ability and skills, and children like to explore the car which instruments use inside the toys, so that kind of toys is a kind of popular in India.

Question 6:- In general, do kids today have many toys?

Answer- Yes, in this modern community, every child has immense toys which like to play all the time with; in term richer families they always like to give different varieties of toys to their children which they like intact and play with all the time but in the term of your class family children not have many toys according to their desire because so poor family is unable to manage their budget easily so I think this to the type of situation would happen in this country.

Question 7:- Do you believe playing with electronic toys has a good influence on children?

Answer- Yes, playing with electronic toys also gives numerous benefits to the lifestyle of the children. First of all, when children like to interact with Electronic toys, they develop an image of how to use that product first time even though they prefer to read the manual which comes with the toys and also follow all the instructions and assemble all the electronic items according to their power of imagination; as a result children able to develop more cognitive and innovative skills in a short period apart from that electronic games also brings the student into the heights because inside the toys use Hitech technologies which children like to learn abundance lessons from them.

Question 8:- Do you think there are some toys which are just acceptable for girls and a few that are only acceptable for boys?

Answer- We found that girls’ toys were associated with physical attractiveness, nurturing, and domestic skills, whereas boys’ toys were rated as violent, competitive, exciting, and somewhat dangerous.

Question 9:- Which do you believe is better, for kids to play with toy alone or with other children?

Answer- According to my perspective, I would like to share my opinion children must share things and toys with other friends because playing with toys can enhance their relationship bond and also develop stronger bonding with them because they learn various kinds of lessons and face exposure which is useful in their day to day life.

Question 10:- Do you think parents should encourage their children to share their toys with other children?

Answer- Yes, definitely if children share their toys they would learn the habit of sharing things among each other it is nothing but learning with fun and would help them to learn good lessons of life it also gives numerous opportunities and challenges which people like to enhance their day to day life apart from that every teachers and parent need to give us all lessons about to sharing a thing because they learn a new kind of things from them.

Question 11:- If you were planning to give a present to your child, what could you give him?

Answer- Yes, I would like to give a present to my child in future there is a kind of automatic robot which include artificial intelligence apart from that I will provide all the high-tech machinery which my children alike interact with themselves and also enhance their knowledge and ability into the upper level.

Question 12:- Is it good to Give kids too many presents such as a lot of toys?

Answer- The problem with having too many toys research shows fever toys at a time needs a better quality playtime for toddlers allowed them to focus on one toy at a time, build Constitution skills and play more creativity another issue with having lots of toys in play is that we intend to place less on them.

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