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Describe an App You Know Speaking Cue Card

Describe an App You Know Speaking Cue Card (1)

Describe an App You Know Speaking Cue Card

Sample Answer of Describe an App You Know Speaking Cue Card

There are various apps that are very useful for people. Some can be used for communication purposes, while others can be used for shopping. Here I am going to speak about one app, which is very lucrative for me, and it was told to me by one of my friends. Actually, it was the day when I had to purchase a dress to wear to my brother’s wedding. Unfortunately, I could not spend more. So due to the tight budget, I thought to get it at a reasonable price.

In the meantime, my friends suggested I order online and install the Myntra app on my mobile phone. I was over the moon to see the prices and variety and hefty discount was the icing on the cake for me. When I saw a variety of dresses, I selected one, and it was within my budget. I didn’t have to pay more money. Instead, I saved money.

I think it is useful for the offers that it offers to people. Moreover, the quality of the product is genuine, and people can replace it if they don’t like any product. In addition, masses need not go to local markets or anywhere else for purchasing. They can do online shopping. So this is the reason I like this app, and I also recommend others because the quality is genuine. Since then, I have been a true customer of this app.

Follow ups Describe an App You Know Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- Which phone app is the most popular in your country?

Answer – Well, WhatsApp is more popular because people use it more to send messages as well as to communicate with their near and dear ones.

Question 2:- Do you think the parents should limit the time their children spend on the phone?

Answer – Yes, there must be restrictions on using the internet for the children, and parents made it mandatory for the well-being of their children; otherwise, children will face psychological as well as physiological problems such as obesity, heart diseases, mental illness, isolation, and to name but a few.

Question 3:- Do you think people depend on phone apps too much?

Answer – Yes, nowadays, people are too dependent on phone apps such as they use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter more to keep them updated as well as communicate with their friends. They also use other apps for their routine work like Paytm and Google to make payments, so every work is based on technology, and they are using it in excess.

Question 4:- Do you think some apps will help people to study?

Answer – Yes, definitely apps help people in doing a study like there is a Grammarly app that people mostly use to improve their linguistic skills. In this way, they will become proficient in the language. Moreover, there are other websites also that teach valuable skills to people, like there is a YouTube channel that helps the people in educating them as well as entertaining them.

Question 5:- What kinds of apps do you have on your phone?

Answer – I have installed many apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter as well as YouTube also. These are beneficial for me in my study as well as in my occupations.

Question 6:- What are the drawbacks of having too many apps on your phone?

Answer – While there is no drawback of having so many apps on mobile phones while sometimes it becomes difficult for people when they get unnecessary messages that they don’t need, then they consider deleting these apps; otherwise, every app has beneficial content for its reader.

Question 7:- How much time do you spend on these Apps?

Answer –Well, approximately one to two hours I spend on these apps. I am an avid reader, so I visit these apps to update my knowledge as well as to do my tasks related to studying.

Question 8:- Do you like to look for new Apps or just keep using the old ones?

Answer – Definitely, I would like to visit new websites because anything that is modified has something to tell its readers, so I would not waste my time and would avail myself of the opportunities whenever I get them. Besides, I will also consult the old apps because old apps are the foundation because people get much information from the old apps, and then that can be beneficial in getting the material to understand that is provided by the new app.

Question 9:- Do you use free APPs or the ones that you need to pay for?

Answer – Well, the apps that are free of cost don’t have enough stuff that people usually look for because paid apps are generally used by people, and these apps are responsible for providing desired information to the readers. So their needs are taken care of while visiting the apps that are paid.

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