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Describe an Interesting Thing You Have Learned from A Foreign Culture: Speaking

Describe an Interesting Thing You Have Learned from A Foreign Culture Speaking

Describe an Interesting Thing You Have Learned from A Foreign Culture. You Should Say:

Sample: Describe an Interesting Thing You Have Learned from A Foreign Culture: Speaking

An exciting thing that I learned from foreign cultures is the celebration of Mother’s Day. Growing up in my country, we never had an official celebration of Mother’s Day in our culture. Most of us still live with our parents, and we are very close to them. We love and respect our adults daily, but there is no official day to celebrate them.

When I was in college, one of my friends studying at the university returned home during the summer break. We met after a long time, and he shared so much about his college and how the culture was so different. One of the things he told me that really impressed me was the Mother’s Day celebration.

There is a celebration on the second Sunday in May every year to honour the mothers. It is an opportunity for children to show their love and thank their mothers for all they have done. He stayed with her aunt in the US and told me that his cousin made a card for their mother on Mother’s Day, made her breakfast in bed, and held her with chores all day.

They were also celebrating Mother’s Day at his cousin’s school. They all went out for dinner that day, and his uncle got a beautiful ring for his aunt. I also wanted to do something special for my mother and told my sister about this popular Western culture.

I am very close to my mom and have seen her do so much for me and my sister daily. She worked full-time to help us with homework, made every dish, organized her birthday parties, and cared for us when we got sick. And when I felt sad, she would make me forget about my worries, so I decided to celebrate Mother’s Day.

I also gave my mother a gift: a washing machine. I had been saving money for a long time to buy a new washing machine for my mother, and she was very happy. With her smile, I was on top of the mountain.

Follow-up Questions: Describe an Interesting Thing You Have Learned from A Foreign Culture: Speaking

Question 1: What difficulties do people face when learning new things from foreign cultures?

Answer:- There are numerous difficulties that people face when they try to learn about the cultures of other countries. First of all, language is difficult for people to communicate with and not understand easily because, in international countries, people use different kinds of pronunciation sessions, which means they can’t understand. Every country has different kinds of pronunciation in their language. Accessing existing information in their environment is also one of the difficulties.

Question 2: At what age should children start learning a foreign language?

Answer:- I think the age when they start going out to school. I believe there is the right age to learn a foreign language. Ultimately, they can learn more efficiently because their mind is developing. In this process, they can understand more and have more freedom to do so, so I think they need to start learning a foreign language at their age.

Question 3: Do you think language learning is essential? Why?

Answer:- Language learning is fundamental because nowadays foreign languages have more demand in the market, so without that, you can’t get a higher salary job. For example, suppose you don’t learn the English language. In that case, it will affect your professional and academic life because nowadays, all the subjects or courses are available in English, so learning the language is imperative.

Question 4: What’s the best way to learn new things?

Answer:- There are numerous ways to learn new things. First of all, reading books for learning or understanding concepts, although some people think that with advancement in technology, we must study from it, technology acts as a disadvantage to me as more often I end up using Facebook or other platforms like Youtube and Instagram, so I can say you can learn a new thing from reading it.

Question 5: Do you think minority languages will disappear?

Answer:- Unfortunately, yes, I think a minority of languages will disappear in the future because more and more people are now diverting to learning foreign languages like English, so they don’t emphasize learning their language, and this will lead to the extinction of their language.

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