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Describe an International Problem

Describe an International Problem

Describe an international problem

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Sample Answer Of Describe an International Problem

Well, there are various issues which seriously affect people around the world, however, one of the major concerns is increasing pollution. Undoubtedly the pollution level has significantly  increased over the last two decades. This is mainly due to human activities. The quality of both air and water is deteriorating at a fast pace.

Let me explain to you how human activities are involved in this problem. Nowadays we can see  the number of vehicles on the road more as compared to the past, and the reason behind it is people prefer to travel in their own car instead of public transport. As a result, burning more fuel causes a rise in air pollution. Moreover, a large number of factories and industries are established in the countryside Areas that release toxic fumes into the atmosphere, which makes  things even worse.

Apart from that, water bodies and marine life are also getting polluted because of the continuous discharge of harmful chemical and non-biodegradable waste, for example, plastic bottles and waste material from factories. Consequently, thousands of acquired animals are  killed each year due to plastic consumption. Not only marine life is disturbed, but also humans are in the grip of this global issue. Polluted air index  has resulted in the growth of various detrimental  diseases like asthma, lung cancer, skin infection, and so on.

Therefore, it is the need of the hour to take appropriate steps to curb this problem. Government should make some statistical plan in order to bring down the level of pollution also  and must become aware of the importance of preserving the environment for the future  Generation.

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