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Describe an old person you know and respect

Describe an old person you know and respect.
Describe an old person you know and respect.
You should say:
sample answer:


First of all, thank you so much for the question. I’m glad that I got a fraction of the time to express my feeling and gratitude to the most lovable person I adore. My grandfather is the oldest person I know and respects the most. To be peculiar, he was my mother’s father.

To me, he always was an energy booster, navigator, and a guide. He always uplifted me when I was down. He stood for me when I was in need of help and support. He was always there to console me when I was in sorrow. The life experience he shared helped me to understand the moral values that I could execute in my life. He was always a shadow to my tree. I felt secured when I was under his wings. No one could compete with the immense power of energy he had and also his positive attitude towards life was beyond words. He was my pillar and it is very disheartening to say that I lost him last year. I will always miss him.

sample answer 2:


There are many elder people in my life. I respect all of them because, of their age and positive attitudes. But there is a person that is very near to my heart and I admire him most. He is my grandfather. His name is Mister Gursharan Singh. His height is 6.1 feet. He is very active and fit. He is a retired major of the Indian army and he had served Indian borders for more than 30 years.

He is also graduated and that’s why my society respects him a lot .they comes from time to time to take assistance from him. Whenever I get some leissure time I usually spend that time with him and he always tells me about his work experience and tips to win this world. My confidence gets boosted after talking to him. However, he has a flaw that sometimes gets the shape of irritation.

He is a very strict person and sometimes I got disturbed just because of their strict rules and regulation. Despite of this flaw, he is the best person in my life and I can’t even think a day without talking to him. That’s an old person known to me and admirable.

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