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Describe Something or Someone that Made a Lot of Noise

Describe Something or Someone that Made a Lot of Noise

Describe Something or Someone that Made a Lot of Noise. You Should Say:

Who or What Made the Noise?
What Was the Noise Like?
What Did You Do When You Heard the Noise?
And how Do You Feel About It?

Sample 1: Describe Something or Someone that Made a Lot of Noise

Well, I believe that people are unwilling to concentrate on their tasks due to a lot of noise. Today, I would like to speak about such a situation that happened in my life. I vividly remember that two years ago. I was sitting in the examination hall to take my secondary exams at that time.

There were worm_out fans, and it produced a ceterwathly sound, which broke my concentration in my exam. I think nearly 50 students were taking the exams in this exam hall then, and I am sure every student faced such a problem.

I was unwilling to concentrate on my exam due to that sound, and I was to exam continue. After finishing our exam, we all complained about such a problem which happened to us to the authorities. When I was taking the exam, I felt very irritated.

Still, fortunately, I achieved good marks on my exam, which made me over the moon. And due to the complaint, all the fans were repaired, and I reckon that the next batch will give proper concentration in their exam.

Sample 2: Describe Something or Someone that Made a Lot of Noise

Iโ€™m living in the most popular country in the world, India. India is the most popular and noisy country you can see because of the many people living here, and many incidents made me very worried because of the noise, so here I will talk about one family function.

I belong to the Gujarati family, and we are generally highly close. It was one of my cousinโ€™s birthdays, and his parents decided to throw a party. During this party, the entire family got together, and the extended family was invited as well.

Thus, the womb formed a group and said there was a specific place where almost 20 of them were together. They began to talk about something and logic at the higher pitch of the entire party. This was the loudest gang. For the moment, we all thought they were fighting with each other.

However, we showed them laughter in the conversation, like they were talking like children. When we got closer to them, it was delighted. A few people even advised them to decrease the pitch, but the ladies didnโ€™t play any. I sent some advice, and when the man of my family joined, the scenario was entirely out of this world. This event was the most noisy I ever had in my life.

Follow-up Questions

Question 1: Where Can People Hear a Lot of Noise?

Answer 1:- There are a majority of places in my city where people hear a lot of noise, such as bus stops, restaurants, and parks, as well as some people listening to a lot of noise at railway stations.

Answer 2:- Individuals can hear a lot of noise in places like bus stations and government offices, and, in my country, places like that are a lot noisier than others. With the population growing daily, my country is now the worldโ€™s most populated country, and with that, every place you can see is noisy here.

Question 2: What May Happen When Someone Listens to Very Loud Music Using Headphones When They Are Running or Hiking?

Answer 1:- When people listen to very loud music while running or hiking, they feel energetic and boost their energy well as theyโ€™re willing to do their tasks better and give proper concentration on their tasks.

Answer 2:- Listening to loud music in this situation makes you feel demotivated, and sometimes it affects your ears. It is not good for our ears, and it can damage them. So I can see when we are hiking or running listening to loud music with our headphones, but music like classical is very good when we exercise.

Question 3: What Can Be Done to Reduce Traffic Noise?

Answer 1:- I think with the help of strict rules and reducing the use of private vehicles, we can reduce the traffic noise.

Answer 2:- We need to reduce cars to reduce traffic noise. Instead of that, we can use bicycles so we can save the environment from noise pollution and also air pollution. If we use race cards and bicycles, then it is also good for our health.

Question 4: Do You Think the World Will Be Noisier in The Future?

Answer 1:- Yes, if the high authorities do not take strict action to reduce the noise in this world in the future time, the level of noise will be higher than in the present.

Answer 2:- So noise pollution will increase in the future. Nowadays, people are buying more and more cars, and the population is increasing daily, so noise pollution will increase with the use of cars. Also, people live in crowded places, so noise is created, and in the future, noise pollution will increase.

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