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Describe Something You Do to Keep Yourself Concentrated: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe Something You Do to Keep Yourself Concentrated Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe something you do to keep yourself concentrated

Sample 1 Describe Something You Do to Keep Yourself Concentrated: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Well, I do a lot of things to keep myself concentrated. I also took the help of medications, but I didn’t prove well. When I came in contact with one of my old friends, he suggested I do Yoga, meditate or eat a balanced diet. Since then, I have been doing it, and really it proved well. I do these activities sometimes in the park, which is a stone’s throw from my home, and if the weather is not good, then I try to do it at home. I don’t think allopathic medicines can help a lot to increase a person’s concentration, and when I started to do this, it really improved my concentration. Earlier I had the habit of forgetfulness. I could not focus on my work, and often due to lack of concentration, I faced failure, but now after adopting these techniques, I feel confident. Recently, I took part in an optical illusion which needs a lot of concentration, and I was amazed to see that I found the hidden treasure in a few seconds. I won a cash prize. It all happened due to my concentration, which I enhanced with the help of doing Yoga, meditation and a balanced diet. So I think natural remedies are more beneficial than artificial ones, which cannot provide a long-term solution.

Sample 2 Describe Something You Do to Keep Yourself Concentrated: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Let me talk about an activity I do to keep myself concentrating on anything and everything I do. I like to work out whenever I get free time, and it’s a great way to let my hair down. I feel that working out not only improves I mean not only keeps you fit but also helps you concentrate and release the adrenaline rush in your brain, which also gives you the strength to go to any challenging task in your life, specifically in this corporate world you can’t just be open about anything. You can’t just let your feelings out; in the workplace or even while dealing with any sensitive issue, you have to hold your horses. That’s how I feel. I look at work; I look at my fitness routine. I go out there, and I do all the problematic workouts if my day is not going well or I have to do something important coming up in the next few days, which tells where my concentration is required. I know this. I work out at my local gym, Fitness Hub, and this Gym is two minutes away from my place, so it saves a lot of travel time. I realise that working out not only helps me release my emotions and keep me fit but also helps me understand that sometimes you just have to understand various important moments in your life. We need to keep calm, and there are certain moments when you need to raise your voice. There is a fine line of difference between them. If you’re able to gauge it in your life and that’s how you will be successful because here we are living in a world were Meant to be innovative. You need to be calculated. At the same time, we need to make sure that your actions or not hurting anyone but, at the same time there helping you move ahead in your life specifically. That’s how you can gain with a short success span of time. It is a highly competitive world.

Follow ups Describe Something You Do to Keep Yourself Concentrated: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- Is it important for children to learn how to concentrate?

Answer 1:- Yes, children need to learn to concentrate because it’s their stage to grow, and if they concentrate, they can get good rewards, and it will also be helpful for them in many other co-curricular activities.

Answer 2:- Yes, I definitely think that. When I was a student growing up, I mean if you look at Students now, their school life is so difficult. I see kids carrying so many books, and I realise that back in my school days we still had schools from 10 to 2 or maybe you know 8 to 1 and we were done and now people have school for more than nine hours, and they have other sports activities, and god knows what not And having the stable mind and ability to concentrate and give you hundred per cent in anything and everything you do is be important for kids nowadays.

Question 2:- What can employers do to help employees concentrate?

Answer 1:- Well, employees can help a lot of their employees concentrate, like giving them a break so that they can do meditation, Yoga and can relax. Moreover, they can also provide them with healthy beverages instead of tea or coffee, which have been proven bad for their health.

Answer 2:- I have understood that companies now realise that work-life balance is very important to ensure that their employees are doing productive work and they’re not burning out. Employers can allow their employees to have some time maybe a break during the working hours we can include some you know some activity some fun games of I have seen there are some companies top companies like Google where they allow their companies to have a short nap during the work and that has shown tremendous results in people are showing more productivity in work and care much more charged and relaxed a quick 15-20 minutes nap is is able to give them the energy to go through the entire day and such measures can be implemented in most of the other companies as well.

Question 3:- What kinds of jobs require higher concentration at work?

Answer 1:- Well, every job needs concentration, but concentration is more needed in teaching, medicine, astrology, and the military.

Answer 2:- The job of engineers or the job of doctors, police officers, firefighters, I mean, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind. These guys have to be very concentrated, and we can’t make any mistakes in is. There if they are committing any mistake or a blunder that will cost someone’s life, maybe a lot of things can be at stake, citing these guys have to be very concentrated. I am the kind of cleaning of the kind of education De go through insurance at the very best highly concentrated people come up the ranks and yeah.

Question 4:- Why is it hard for some people to concentrate?

Answer 1:- Well, it is hard for them because they don’t have a robust body, and lack of willingness can also be accounted for raising this issue.

Answer 2:- In my opinion, I feel people are not able to concentrate because maybe whatever they’re doing, they are not hundred per cent interested in it, and maybe they’re forced to do it or maybe they’re just doing it for the sake of doing it I know many of my friends did engineering just because your parents wanted their children them to be engineers or they wanted the children to be doctors or something else you know I’m just doing it because as family pressure and I know they are not motivated enough to get through 3-4 years of college I think concentration comes from within us if you are interested in doing something if you are if you really like I don’t think there should be a concentration problem or will issues.

Question 5:- Can technology help you concentrate?

Answer 1:- To some extent, Technology can help. If people listen to music, they feel relaxed, and as much as they feel relaxed, they can improve their concentration. They can concentrate on their work more.

Answer 2:- Technology can certainly help us understand how much time we Are, you know, whiling away maybe on Instagram or sitting and chatting or just lying Around. Smartphones keep track of a lot of things, and a smartwatch is there a smartphone which helps you track how much time is spent on the phone out how much time is spent on various other websites or on various pages, so yeah, I mean, if you are able to understand your weekly report that the phone or these gadgets generate then certainly yes if you can understand that okay it’s paining maybe too much time on on on doing non-productive staff and Yazhini to more on your studies on more on work or maybe you have an important task sometimes you know in the world people are thrown in the deep end with a really big project, and we need more of the time in concentration so yes technology in Sam we can definitely help us to keep us aligned to our goals.

Question 6:- Have you ever felt it difficult to concentrate?

Answer 1:- Yes, earlier, as I mentioned above, I had difficulty concentrating at work due to my busy schedule and other responsibilities. I could not even focus on my child’s studies, but after overcoming this situation now, I have improved my concentration.

Answer 2:- I have found it difficult to concentrate properly many times in my life as well. I mean, as I mentioned earlier, if you are not interested in doing something and if if you’re not excited about it and certainly have a snack of monstrous, make remember I will never be motivated enough, and I will never give my hundred per cent by learning history something add doesn’t come naturally to me I mean remembering all these names number is this important event I don’t understand how it’s going to help me now you know what has happened 200 300-year-old years back but yes I mean it was part of a syllabus in school days and I had to study either by memorising it or understanding the events. I think I did pretty well.

Question 7:- What kinds of distractions bother you in life?

Answer 1:- Well, loud noise and a lot of domestic work pressurized me, and I sometimes get confused about doing all the things at a time, and I often skip something. Besides, the arrival of the unexpected guest also distracts my concentration.

Answer 2:- I think family distractions are something which she cannot get rid of, specifically when there is a gas at home, and you have any point to check to go on, or there is an important exam coming up, you can’t just tell them that you know to go away I’m studying, or I’m doing something in as you know, they’re coming properly after a long time or they just there for a couple of hours or maybe for a day so you can’t be rude to them, so I think these type of disturbances are not something you seek for, but there is no solution to it, and you just have to you know I grin and bear it yeah.

Question 8:- Do you need to concentrate when you do sports?

Answer 1:- Yes, I need to concentrate more when I am playing any sports because that lack of concentration can put my team at risk of facing failure, so concentration is needed more to play any sport.

Answer 2:- Well, I’m not much into outdoor sports, but I love playing chess. Chess is one game where it requires high-level of concentration, and specifically when you are playing a blitz or a time-bound match slip of attention or a moment can put your game in a bad position, so I think it is very important to concentrate a lot of games as women in cricket I see you play cricket. Still, I have seen cricket where Dinesh is a batsmen horror not watching the ball properly or if you are not following in Apni near Shariq and play an unwanted short and that can cause of navigating a game as well in Nelamangala status man playing so yeah, sports is this one game where I mean sports is one feel Var call Titus sports to require the good number of concentration.

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