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Films Can Tell Us a Lot About the Country

Films Can Tell Us a Lot About the Country

Films can tell us a lot about the country where they were made. What have you learned about a country from watching its movies? Use specific examples and details to support your response.

Movies were always top-rated, and there are many reasons for this. First of all, movies are one of the main resources of entertainment. In addition, a movie is a perfect way to relax after a stressful day or week. Another important reason why movies are so popular is that they are the easiest way to learn. For example, when people watch a movie made in another country, they unconsciously learn about the country’s traditions, customs, people, language, nature, and even climate. In the following paragraphs, I will give a couple of examples to support my answer.

I am from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. When I was a little girl and watched movies about Texas, I had an impression that Texas was a large and arid desert with big cactuses and hot-tempered cowboys. So, when my husband was invited to work here in Texas two years ago, I was sure that we would live in the desert. However, when I first arrived in Austin, I was impressed and nicely surprised because I did not expect to see such beautiful nature with dense forests and blue lakes. It was a real discovery for me that Texas has such beautiful and green places. This is an example of how people learn about climate from watching movies.

Also, people learn from movies about the customs and traditions of another country. For example, living in Russia, I learned many things about the USA from its movies. For example, I found out about the holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving Day, which the Americans celebrate. In addition, I learned about many historical events such as the Civil War and the War of Independence watching “Gone with the wind” and “Patriot.”

In conclusion, I think that not everything that is learned from movies is true about the country. Many moviemakers tend to exaggerate and even make up many facts about the country in order to please the audience. So, my point is that people should learn about the country from different resources such as books and magazines as well as from movies.

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