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Fruits and Vegetables IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Fruits and Vegetables IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer (1)

Fruits and Vegetables IELTS Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Fruits and Vegetables IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1. Do you like fruits and vegetables? OR Do you like to eat fruit(s) and vegetables?

Answer –  Yes, I love eating fruits and veggies but not all of them. There are few choices of mine, like in terms of fruits, and I would say pomegranate, guava, and watermelon, and in terms of vegetable potato, ladyfinger and cauliflower. I will relish if I get a meal full of my specified items presented in front of me.

Question 2. How often do you eat fruits and vegetables? OR Do you often eat fruit(s) and vegetables?

Answer – In the case of vegetables, it is something that we cannot live without as we eat every single day whereas seldom I eat fruits, I would say once or twice in a week.

Question 3. Why do you think fruits and vegetables are important for us?

Answer –  I would say that it is really important for our body, especially vegetables because that is something which gives our body the fuel in terms of nutrition through which we function and do our work. Fruits are also a rich source of nutrition which will be a kind of add-on on top of veggies. These are an essential part of our life, like without these things in India. Specifically, it would be very difficult to live.

Question 4. What kind of fruit do you prefer?

Answer – I mostly prefer seasonal fruits like watermelon, guava, and litchi, and apart from these, the only fruit which I can eat anytime and is available all-round the year is banana; otherwise, I don’t eat fruit that much as I already mentioned.

Question 5. What fruit(s) (and /or vegetables) do you especially like to eat?

Answer – I am fond of Potato. Any form of Potato like fried, mashed, or gravy, I like all of them. Here, in India, there is a special chapati made of stuffed mashed Potato. So, in short, I am a lover of Potato based food.

Question 6. Do you like the same fruits and vegetables today as you did when you were a child?

Answer – There have been a few additions and subtractions done, like when I was a child that time I used to eat bitter-gourd but now I avoid that and if I talk about fruits, then during my childhood days I used to eat oranges very much, but now I don’t eat much of orange rather than Orange I would prefer eating pomegranate and guava as I already mentioned.

Question 7. What fruit and vegetables did you like to eat when you were a child?

Answer – As I said earlier that when I was little that time I used to like bitter-gourd in vegetables and oranges in fruits.

Question 8. Is it easy (or convenient) to buy fruit and vegetables where you live?

Answer – Yes, I would say that it’s just a matter of time because there are so many supermarkets which are just close to my place and all of our favorite fruits and vegetables are available over there.

Question 9. Do you think people should eat more fruits and vegetables?

Answer – It depends on person to person that is whatever proteins and vitamins you get from fruits and vegetables there are other sources available from where you can get the same or maybe in more amount like if a person is non-vegetarian, that person can easily make up the calories which other person is getting from eating fruits and vegetables. So it is totally a personal choice.

Question 10. Do you think it’s (really) necessary to eat fruits and vegetables?

Answer – As I said, the nutrition which we get from fruits and vegetables, we can get from other sources also like non-vegetarian cuisine, or there are other supplements also still I prefer to say that these are an actual necessity of anyone’s life and people should eat it, in my opinion.

Question 11. How much fruit and vegetables do you think a person needs to stay healthy?

Answer – It totally depends on that person’s age and its body and also their lifestyle. For younger kids, they need more food, whereas, in the case of older people, the required calories are not that much. So it all depends on the body to body.

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