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Government Should Spend Money on Railways Rather than Roads: Writing Task 2

Government Should Spend Money on Railways Rather than Roads Writing Task 2 (1)

Government should spend money on railways rather than roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Funds spent on the Railways department must be preferably used on Roads by the officials. For the development of the safety and security of the public, the government should spend money on both modes of transport, like railways and roads. I am afraid I have to disagree with the given statement because railways and road transportation is essential for the country’s economic development.

When the ministry allows using funds on the requirements for the improvement of both modes of transport, railways & roads, the money can be spent on the construction of highways, bus-shelters and it will be easy for the public to travel on roads for any distance on the basis of the requirement of the passengers. There are several types of vehicles which use roads for travelling from one place to another destinations. Road transportation is far better than any other mode of transportation because people can travel by their own vehicles like Cars, Bikes and minivans. This also helps to increase the government’s income through road-based transportation. People who cannot afford the charges of railways can reach their desired destination by bus or any other vehicle.

On the other hand, the government needs to research the area’s geological condition before planning to construct the railway tracks. In fact, some areas are not suitable for railways, as there might be rocks or mountains, and the cost of investing in these areas will be high. Moreover, Trains can carry a considerable number of people and tonnes of goods at a time while road transport is not building for that. The railway system would save people valuable time every day. There will be no traffic congestion in metro areas and more investment to improve the railway system.

In conclusion, the government should build a safer, faster and more reliable mode of the transportation system, and higher priority must be given to railways.

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