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It Will Be Better for Society and Individuals if Driverless Cars Are Widely Used

It Will Be Better for Society and Individuals if Driverless Cars Are Widely Used (1) (1)

It will be better for society and individuals if driverless cars are widely used. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

In this contemporary era, new techniques are proliferating day by day, and one of the most prominent techniques which came into the picture in early 2019 was “Artificial Intelligence.” These automation techniques assist the masses in several ways, and moreover, they should be accessible and mandatory to everyone in the upcoming future. I completely agree with the above statement, and I will discuss my points in subsequent paragraphs.

To embark upon, there are several advantages of using automation vehicles like cars, etcetera and have more pros than cons. First of all, it is worth considering that Automatic cars without drivers can prevent road accidents that are happening on the road by most of the drivers if they drink, smoke, or talk on mobile phones while driving. So these human errors may cause major accidents, and injuries for that they have to pay a fine and penalty should be given by the government. For instance, in the USA, large authorities make stringent regulations and rules for local residents, and even these authorities amended the driverless cars there in order to avoid any road mishaps of individuals.

Illustrating further, these driverless vehicles can also protect our environment from hazardous pollution because they contain battery systems that will be consumed, and it also eradicates the need for fossil fuels which, when exposed to the air, cause much pollution. So, the government should make the regulations about how to use these vehicles and give a clear picture to the nation. Apart from it, people do not have to pay much for petrol and diesel monthly, daily and annually. As per Journalists, these vehicles will come into the picture in 2025. This will be a commendable option for dwellers. They will simply have to recharge their battery with the wire given to them by themselves, and this will make an individual happy.

To recapitulate, it can be deduced that, Advantages always outweigh disadvantages, and these cars will not trigger fatal accidents or road mishaps, and fortunately, people will feel over the moon when they will purchase because of having a tremendous battery and causing no pollution at all.

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