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Many Companies Are Selling More and More Products Around the World

Many Companies Are Selling More and More Products Around the World

Many companies are selling More and more products around the world. Do you think this development is advantageous or disadvantageous?

In recent years, it is observed that the sale of consumable goods has increased drastically; however, I do not find it beneficial, which is explained in the below composition.

It cannot be denied that people’s earnings across the globe have achieved new levels due to which people, especially in developed countries, do not think much before buying. This situation looks bright from one side, but one of the darkest sides of it is the increased amount of waste. On the one hand, earlier, people were very conscious while using devices, such as radio, television, bike. Further to this, they used to take it for repairing if some minor issues are encountered. On the other hand, these days, people do not even bother to get it checked with a technician and buy a new one because of increased leverages and busy lifestyle. Consequently, governments are struggling to manage rubbish, especially those which are non-biodegradables. In India, for example, the lawmakers had to open a new department called The Waste Management Department in the previous year because the current establishment was failing disastrously. Thus, people are able to use new gadgets and goods, but it can be called a development because it is harming natural resources.

Another point is very critical. Inhabitants have developed feelings of jealousy in between them because of their tendency of buying unrequired goods. Out of such bad emotions and disturbed mental state, they buy liabilities by taking huge loans. As a result, they end up filing themselves bankrupt. In this way, they not only lose their respect in society but sometimes they encounter life-threatening diseases because of piled up anxiety and stress. This is also supported by Yale University’s recent survey on “Shopping Trends”. Hence, if people are suffering just because of buying unnecessary products, then it cannot be considered as development.

To conclude, although some corporates might feel proud by checking their sales reports, in my view, such development is preposterous as it is harming natural resources as well as the mental state of the entire society.

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