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Many Young People Change Their Jobs and Careers

Many Young People Change Their Jobs and Careers

Many young people change their jobs and careers. What is the reason for this? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

In the contemporary world, people have enormous chances to pick and drop professions due to its’ diversity. There are numerous reasons they are to do so. This situation has both merits as well as demerits, but definitely, the pros outweigh the cons.

To begin with, in a developing country like India, it isn’t easy to get the desired job as per our graduation background. Because each and every year, thousands of graduates and professionals were passing out from our educational institutions. For this, these professionals were engaged with different kinds of jobs that are available in the markets. So, the employee forcefully takes the initiative to try his luck. Secondly, organizations set a benchmark for professionals before applying for a job. For example, Five years of experience in marketing or HR fields. Then only they can even apply for the desired jobs. For achieving their desired job, they forcefully continue in their previous jobs. Finally, these experiences and qualifications help them to mould a professional and better salary hike. It will take years for getting and desired job.

On the other hand, frequent work change will consider that employees may not be stable in organizations, and they only get such type of consideration inside the firm. Management may not be interested in leading big projects through these employees. In addition, on the final reviews, they may not be considered for salary hikes. Secondly, these common professional changes show that a particular employee is not fit for any designations. More than an asset, the company treated him as a liability. Lastly, these changes may not lead employees to any type of personal growth in their careers. They do not receive any type of talent in their personal and professional career.

In conclusion, it isn’t easy to continue till the end where we joined our career beginning. It is beneficial to understand several organizational cultures and professional experiences through these changes. However, be patient and enthusiastic in whichever designation or profession you are adorning. That will help you to appropriate career growth.

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