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Registration for Mock Test 26-1-2020

read all the following before the payment. Thanks

Hello, dear students today we provide good news related to the best mock test like a real IELTS Exam. My full staff and I provided a new test format.

In this format, we provide a mock test facility every Sunday. The most amazing thing is that now you can cover 3 modules and the Speaking Module will be started soon, feel the experience like a real exam. With a minimal fee of INR 250. Must read the instructions at the end of this post.

Now, I explain to you the full format of the Test in detail.

We will send the first three modules: Listening, reading, and writing PDF files through e-mail and WhatsApp app numbers.

The Mock test starts at 10:00 am.

# Firstly, we send listening at 9:45 am. Everyone in this module receives a PDF file and downloads the listening test. It has 40 questions and audio files of each section. You will only have 45 minutes to complete this listening module.

# Reading test, this test starts at 1:00 PM. All students follow the same download process as a listening test. In this module, you receive 40 questions. In academic exam:- 3 long academic passages. The time limit is 60 minutes.

In general:-

5 passages and 4 passages are in short length. The rest of 1 passage is long length. The time limit is 60 minutes.

# Move on the next module is writing, in this, we also provide a PDF file. Time at 2:30 pm.

Academic students receive 2 tasks.

Types of task 1:- an essay summarizing information from a chart or table. Length minimum of 150 words.

In Task 2:- Write different types of essay writing. words limit minimum of 275 words.

# General students:- task 1:- Write a letter related to different issues.

Task 2:- essay writing.

Words limit also same as academic.

Time limit is 60 mins.

# Speaking test:-Starting Soon


Module name  download test Time  start Test Time to send answers to us
Listening 9.45 AM 10.00 AM 11.15 AM
Reading 12.45 PM 01.00 PM 02.15 PM
Writing 2.20 PM 02.30 PM 03.15 PM

Hello   Dear  Learners!

Here is good news for you. We are going to organize something particular. And it is a new idea relating to the evaluation of the IELTS  Mock Test twice in a month. You can now apply for your IELTS test evaluation with our help. For this, you have to visit our website and read the terms and conditions

Now, you can get your registration as soon as you register for the IELTS Mock Test.

Some points are essential for you to know. These are:-

–When you will register for the IELTS Mock Test on our website, then you will get a message in your email account and you can also send your tests answers to us as a reply to this message.

–We will show your Mock Test answers on our website, ieltsfever.

–If you will send your test’s answers out of fixed timing then your answers will not be accepted.

–Now you have to pay a fee for this test’s evaluation and it is just 250/- Rupees and there are many options to pay the fee of this online IELTS Mock Test such as paytm and so on.

NOTE:- Reason for taking 250 rs

 Dear students, Last time we had got  1600+ registrations for Mock Test, but nobody had shown much interest in it and just a few students had sent us answers. This was a very disappointing fact for us. But we had to work for 1600+ learners and it all gone in vain.

Students, if you want to gain a high score in final IELTS exam, then please take it seriously as a real exam. And one more thing, If you try to deceive us by cheating, then it is only your loss, not ours.

Dear students, if you will have any other problems such as payment of Mock Test’s fee, Timing according to Indian Standard Timing, Then you can call or message us on our Whatsapp number  9914301883. We will surely help you.

Dear  Learners!

Here is a piece of good news for you. We are going to organize something particular. And it is a new idea relating to the evaluation of the IELTS  Mock Test every Sunday. Yes, you can now apply for your IELTS test’s evaluation with our help. For this, you have to visit our website

We know very well that many students join the course to go overseas for further studies as well as want to make your future bright. But some questions raise in every pupil’s mind such as How can he get a high score in IELTS?  or  How can he improve his reading, speaking, writing and listening skills?

So, now you do not need to worry about all these things. You can check your IELTS Mock Test’s evaluation with our help and easily know your performance.

We are going to start these two mock tests:-

-Listening  Test,

-Reading Test.

-Writing Test,

and  Writing Test, Speaking Test will start soon.

Here are some rules for Mock Test’s evaluation which you have to know and follow as well.

These are:-

  1. You have to register on our website  with your name, mobile phone number, and email ID. Registration for Mock Test

Note:- Your personal information such as email ID, the phone number will be secure. Email ID or mobile phone number verification is necessary to stop spamming.

  1. Once you successfully registered it, we will send you a reply on your email address such as ” You have successfully registered for IELTS mock test”. Then, you will become able to get the benefit of it.
  2. Furthermore, we will upload the IELTS mock test’s PDF on our website according to Indian Standard Timing, then you can download this PDF. Registration for Mock Test
  1. Once the time will over, you will have to send answers of Mock Test by your email address. It should be done in the time limit, otherwise, your answers will have not accepted.
  2. After checking your Test, we will send your marks or standard in the test on your email ID.

Through this, you can know your evaluation in modules of IELTS.

Note:- If foreign students want to take benefit of this Mock Test but have a problem in attending it due to IST(Indian Standard

Timing), then they can contact us. We will surely help in it. We will send a notification to registered students a day before the Mock Test.

Test Will be online as well as you can download in PDF and take printout thanks

Special Offer:- If any student will achieve a high score in any test, then, he can get a gift from

                           Terms and conditions

–Teachers of any institute cannot participate in this Mock Test. Registration for Mock Test

–Only registered student’s answers will be accepted.

–The team of has right to reject to any student’s registration if the student will try to deceive us by doing something wrong.


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