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Nowadays, Most Countries Are Improving Their Standard of Living Through Economic Development

Nowadays, Most Countries Are Improving Their Standard of Living Through Economic Development

Nowadays, most countries are improving their standard of living through economic development. But as a result, some social values ​​are lost. Do you think the advantages of the phenomenon outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample 1: Nowadays, Most Countries Are Improving Their Standard of Living Through Economic Development

It is irrefutable that in this fast-paced era, world economic development helps numerous people get out of deprivation. In contrast, others reject this notion, arguing that this trend triggers some loss of moral and ethical values. However, in my opinion, its merits are far greater than its shortcomings. This essay will analyze both the pros and cons by taking instances to demonstrate points and prove arguments in the impending paragraphs.

To begin with, there are a few disadvantages to this trend. But the most noticeable one is a lack of ethical values. To elucidate further, nowadays, all people are busy making money and do not spend quality time with their peers. So, the bond between them is perishing. For example, humans think that everything can be bought with money, even friendship and love, and when humanity becomes like this, it is difficult for us to trust others or build a true relationship.

On the other hand, despite the downsides mentioned earlier, there are myriad benefits. Firstly, it reduces impoverishment and improves the quality of life. While the economy grows, more job opportunities are being created. The income from jobs can help society escape poverty, and people can have a better standard of living. In addition, people can have access to education when they can afford the tuition fee. Through education, people gain a variety of knowledge in many fields and learn how to use it for a better world. For example, Singapore, which used to be one of the world’s poorest islands, has become one of the richest countries, and the government attracts foreign investors with no taxes and invests 20% of its GDP in education.

In conclusion, society should develop the economy because it brings immense benefits, such as improved quality of life and the chance to acquire knowledge. The risk of losing social values can be prevented by giving value to schooling from an early age.

Sample 2: Nowadays, Most Countries Are Improving Their Standard of Living Through Economic Development

In this dynamic era, many nations are trying to give good facilities to their citizens. So they can live better, and their reputation will increase among other countries. Every country makes every effort to develop new technologies so every sector can work efficiently and improve work durability. With that, many countries can lose their cultural meaning because they are too busy to provide a better life for their people. I think it is beneficial for nations to develop better infrastructure so the public can enjoy their lives, but there are also some drawbacks to ignoring our cultural meaning.

To begin with, every country’s authority is trying to improve its economy. So, at the international level, their nation can build an image and become friends with other nations. In future economic crises or war-like situations, they can help each other. Moreover, not only is it beneficial for governments, but people who live in countries can also benefit from investment from each nation. For example, India is a developing nation and the fastest-growing government in the world, and many industries have grown in the past ten years because of outside investment. This is possible because India has improved its foreign policy.

On the other hand, sometimes countries are too busy to develop their new infrastructure and ignore their own culture, which leads to the extermination of their cultural rules. In addition, many countries have lost their identities, such as how their ancestors lived and their rules. For example, in China, which believes in Buddhism, people in this region can’t eat meat. However, not only are Chinese individuals eating meat, but they also eat different types of meat, like dogs, cats, and sometimes insects.

In conclusion, nations have to develop their culture because culture shows who we are, and development is also necessary for every nation because it shows the level of nationalism in other countries.

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