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Some Claim that Too Much Focus and Resources Have Been Spent Protecting Wild Animals and Birds: Writing Task 2

Some Claim that Too Much Focus and Resources Have Been Spent Protecting Wild Animals and Birds Writing Task 2

Some claim that too much focus and resources have been spent protecting wild animals and birds. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1

Our ecosystem depends on the harmony between each living species on the earth. Some argue that until now, we have spent a lot of money and attention on the conservation of wild animals and birds. However, I completely disagree with the above-mentioned statement, and in the upcoming paragraphs, I will highlight the reasons for my disagreement.

From the current standpoint, we believe that the earth is the only planet where life exists, and each and every animal, plant, insect or bird have their own role in maintaining the ecosystem on earth. Nevertheless, human activities have disturbed this balance for a few centuries. In order to expand, humans have destroyed many forests, which were natural habitats for a plethora of wild animals and birds. Because of our activities, the place of natural forest is taken up by the concrete jungles we build without thinking about this outcome. To elaborate, many animals are on the verge of extinction because of the removal of their habitats, such as koalas, Asian tigers and many more. This also affects the food chain of other animals because they depend on each other. Hence, it is necessary to protect wild animals and birds to save the earth, and we have to spend resources for it because we are the one who is responsible for this situation.

Furthermore, people believe that we have been protecting them by creating zoos and wildlife for centuries. Still, individuals do not understand that the zoo’s environment can never be compared to the natural habitats. Many zoos’ animals live in climate conditions that are not comfortable for them. For instance, bears require cold weather and large open areas, but in the zoo, they live in a hot environment and a small cage just to entertain humans. Moreover, When individuals visit wildlife centuries, they pollute these centuries and throw plastic and litter here and there. These all things affect the breeding of animals too. So, ultimately zoos serve the purpose of entertaining humans and not protecting animals.

The people who believe that we are spending too much on the protection of them do not understand the importance of animals and birds in maintaining the ecosystem. They are not able to see the future threats that their extinction can lead to. Such people believe that we should spend more money on healthcare, education and space exploration instead of protecting animals, but they forget that we can not survive without animals. To illustrate, for healthcare research, we require animals. Some medicines are made from animal products and many more.

To conclude, wild animals and birds are also as important as other animals for maintaining the ecosystem and human activities threaten such animals. Therefore, it is our responsibility to save them in order to protect our earth. So, we should definitely give more attention to them before it is too late for all on earth, isn’t it?

Sample 2

Some individuals believe that too much attention and exorbitant finances have been utilized towards the protection of wildlife across the world. I disagree with this notion to a great extent.

To begin with, the reason why I believe animals need protection is that it is important to keep biodiversity. As an explanation, every species they have its own role in the food chain; therefore, if one species of animal disappear, probably the other will also become extinct. For example, if we take a food chain, frogs use flies as their food, but frogs are snakes’ food. If flies disappear, the frog will disappear; therefore, it is significant to preserve biodiversity. Furthermore, today humans intervene and manipulate nature exceedingly more than ever. That’s why many animals are vanished or lost their inhabitants. Therefore wildlife protection is important.

To continue, another reason for my disagreement is because of irrational human activity. It’s crystal and clear that the world is advancing before, and this naturally has a huge impact on the environment pollution, and over-exploitation of natural resources are just a few on this list; therefore, humans are responsible for the protection of wildlife. For instance, the Australian government uses huge amounts of money to protect forests because they exploit almost half of their wildlife. On the contrary, When spending a huge amount to ensure wild animal safety, the remaining sector may be underdeveloped.

To conclude, some peoples claim that too much focus and resources have been spent to protect wild animals may cause a decrease in another section; however, I disagree with this notion to a great extent because animals should be protected because there is part of biodiversity and it is humans responsible for protecting them.

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