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Some People Prefer Activities and Lifestyles in Hot Climates

Some People Prefer Activities and Lifestyles in Hot Climates

Some people prefer activities and lifestyles in hot climates, while others prefer living in cold climates. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample 1 Some People Prefer Activities and Lifestyles in Hot Climates

Everyone has an individual choice about whether they like summer activities and lifestyle while others like winter activities. In this essay, I will discuss both points of view, and in the last, I will discuss my opinion.

To begin with, there are several benefits of living in a hot climate. First of all, during the summer session, our bodies are more active than in winter, which is noticeable in every region. In hot weather, there are a number of outdoor activities which can be performed in hot climate regions only. For instance: swimming activities. Furthermore, if people go to any cold climate, they must wear multiple layers of warm inner clothing to protect themselves from the cold.

On the other hand, living in cold weather has its own advantages. The research found that those who are living in cold areas have rare health issues like asthma, skin cancer, etc., as compared with hot areas. The main reason behind it is that in cold climates, the production of CO2 gas is less, and most of the CO2 gas is absorbed by plants. Apart from this, snow games are an extreme part of cold climates people. They participate in multiple games and competitions and win a large amount of money.

To conclude, in my opinion, as who likes to live in a cold climate and wants to protect themselves from harmful disease can stay there; otherwise, living in a hot climate are good options to enjoy activities for activities lover.

Sample 2 Some People Prefer Activities and Lifestyles in Hot Climates

In this contemporary era, as technology and population both are taking a fast pace, so either the weather is extremely hot and reaches up to 50-55 degrees, or it is extremely cold, and the temperature is as low as 0 to -3 degrees in some places. Some enjoy the summertime, while others enjoy the winter or spring climate. In the subsequent paragraphs, I am going to shed the spotlight on both viewpoints whilst giving my opinion.

To initialize this essay, I reckon that a cold climate is the best climate. Winters provide us with opportunities for winter sports like skiing, ice skating, and many more. Moreover, snow and ice can create a breathtaking landscape which is often associated with the holiday season. Furthermore, research has suggested that winters can improve cognitive function and increase productivity due to the increase in focus and concentration in such conditions. As well as, people can enjoy a variety of green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and many more. Also, people can enjoy a variety of soups, sizzling cuisines, and some special on-fire dishes which are only prepared during winter.

Paradoxically, hot climates are being enjoyed by many owing to the reason people can wear whatever they want to wear or wherever they want to go. Additionally, we get a variety of mouth-watering fruits only during summer, like mango, watermelon, muskmelon, and many more. Further, there are different types of ice creams and shakes that are available during this season only. Moreover, people enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, climbing, visiting water parks, and many more. However, I still stand firm in my opinion that winter is the best season.

To recapitulate whatever has been elaborately discussed above, every coin has two sides. Similarly, every person has different aspects. I prefer winter as during winter I can enjoy the warm sunlight and go ice skating and other wither sports. What is more, one can also concentrate to the fullest with good efficiency and succeed in their work.

Sample 3 Some People Prefer Activities and Lifestyles in Hot Climates

Individual preferences are observed regarding the choice of weather for physical activities. Some people like cold climates, while others believe they can benefit from cold environments. This essay will further elaborate on both views along with my opinion and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.

On the one side, there are a lot of benefits of winter on lifestyle preferences. Mostly summers are associated with long daylight times when people can utilize the natural light to the maximum. Outdoor activities, such as hiking and trekking, can be fully enjoyed during the summers when there is less constraint of low light and long daylight window is available to cover lengthy tracks. Furthermore, it is a common belief among most people that they shed more weight during summers as compared to the winters.

On the other side, there are many reasons for the latter viewpoint .cold conditions restrict movement in some areas, but people like it because of more time available for indoor activities such as weight lifting. Winters help individuals to achieve preset bodybuilding goals and better shape for upcoming summers. In cold months, there are fewer chances of dehydration when compared to hot months. Furthermore, the minimum calorie requirements of human beings increased in cold months, allowing certain individuals to eat more without gaining weight.

To recapitulate, there are pros associated with both cold and warm environments. Summers allow individuals to explore outdoor interests and sports, while winters allow you to spend more time on indoor activities. Regarding personal choices to the liking of weather, I like activities in winter as it gives us more freedom.

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