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Some People Tend to Take Temporary Jobs (they only Work for Few Month Of

Some People Tend to Take Temporary Jobs (they only Work for Few Month Of

Some people tend to take temporary jobs (they only work for few month of year), for they have time to do other things. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

In a time when jobs are few and employers receive hundreds of resumes for one vacancy, temporary jobs are gaining popularity. Although temporary jobs have both advantages and disadvantages, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

To begin with, temporary work is relatively easy to get. If the candidate’s credentials match the temporary job requirements, he might be called upon to fill the position. Secondly, doing temporary work will give a job candidate much-needed work experience. Most companies require two to three years of experience, which puts recent graduates at a loss. Doing temporary work will give them that experience.

Another benefit to doing temporary work is that should a vacancy become available within the company, the temporary worker will have first knowledge of it and can apply before the job gets posted online or handed over to employment agencies. Should a temporary worker excel in his current job, he might be asked to stay on with the company full-time. Furthermore, by going from company to company, a temporary worker gets a lot of exposure. He doesn’t just learn one job; in the course of his employment, he might gain experience in different fields.

Moreover, by working temporarily, a worker will also be exposed to different environments. In addition, a temporary worker will be exposed to different kinds of personalities. By learning to work with different kinds of people, a temporary worker can sharpen his people skills. Last but not least, if a temporary worker needs some time off, he can just make himself unavailable for a while until he is ready to take on the next assignment.

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On the downside, a temporary job does not have job security, and you may be fired at any time. You also do not get the perks and benefits that regular full-time employees get. There may be gaps in your employment from time to time.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that the disadvantages of temporary jobs are far less than the advantages. For some people, a temporary job is just temporary until they find something full-time, while for others, it is a way of life.

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