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Some People Think Movies Should Only Be for Entertainment

Some People Think Movies Should Only Be for Entertainment

Some people think movies should only be for entertainment. Others think that they should also have educational values. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer for Some People Think Movies Should Only Be for Entertainment

It is argued that movies are for the entertainment of the people because these relieve people’s stress; while, others consider that films should have another purpose, and that is to educate people. In my perspective, movies should hilariously serve both purposes as people will not get bored and understand things well.

To commence with, movies are considered only for entertainment purposes because people have a tight schedule, and due to their routine, they get bored, and they want something that can bring a smile on their face and must not make them feel about the burden of their life. So they consider that movies must have only comical elements and should serve only this purpose. For example, masses are experiencing mental strain, and at the end of the day, when they have to listen to the preachings of someone or advice of others, they feel more depressed. So laughter in the movies removes their monotony and makes them feel cool and compose.

On the other hand, some advocates think movies must educate the viewers as they are more or less aware of the problems of their society due to the rigid nature of the work. It is assumed that majority of the folk watch films for their amusement. So if pictures are full of comedies and some educational purposes, then people will not get bored and, indirectly, they are familiar with the obstacles in their surroundings. For instance, people know that taking drugs or alcohol can have a detrimental effect on their health, but internally they are not influenced. Therefore, if the same thing is presented in the movies with a greater degree of emphasis on its outcomes, then people will realize well. So, I think it’s a good way to instruct people.

In conclusion, a few masses argue that movies are for relaxing them, while others think the film should educate them to make them known about the prevalent societal problems. In my perspective, these should serve both purposes, namely amusing the people and instructing them. It is best if they are instructed comically.

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