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Some Young People Like to Copy the Behavioral and Clothes of Famous People Today

Some Young People Like to Copy the Behavioral and Clothes of Famous People Today

Some young people like to copy the behavioral and clothes of famous people today. Why might this be the case? What problems can it cause?

Many youngsters nowadays love to follow renowned personalities, mimic their behavioral, and wear attires like theirs. The main reason is social media, on which teens constantly receive updates regarding new trends. This practice can lead to many consequences, which could be small such as minor disputes between family members, to significant problems, such as ruining a career, relationship or health.

In the 21st century, almost every young individual has access to the internet, and they follow famous people on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and so on. Moreover, as youngsters get excited to see them, news channels also take their interviews and show their videos repeatedly to increase their TRPs. Therefore, youngsters constantly stay under the influence of such famous personalities. In the moulding age, teens are often unable to differentiate between right and wrong, and they quickly start believing what they see on Tv or social media. They believe they will only look cool if they follow new fashion trends and wear trendy clothes. For instance, if any celebrity wears a pink designer saree at her wedding, many young brides like to recreate such a look without thinking whether it will look good on them or not. Young ones behave obliviously under the constant influence of social media, which was not the case in the past.

As a result of this trend, a plethora of issues can arise. Minor conflicts like wearing short clothes are a reason for fights between young girls, and their parents is a typical example. Parents find it challenging to cope with new trends because, in their era, they followed some beliefs according to which society judges people on their attire. On the other hand, youngsters think that their friends will make fun of them if they do not follow the trend. On top of minor issues, this influential thing can create significant issues like health problems.

To illustrate, a few years ago, when actress Kareena Kapoor became slim and promoted the concept of ‘zero figure’, many girls tried to imitate her without proper guidance from healthcare professionals and suffered from many health-related issues social media makes critical media. It is possible to know everything about celebrities, their likes, dislikes, the matters they wear and many more. It is usual for young generations to get influenced by their behaviour and imitate them. However, following influences blindly can lead to numerous repercussions about which youngsters are unaware; hence, they should not mimic everything blindly.

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