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Talk About a Car or Bicycle Trip You Would Like to Go On: Recent Speaking Test

Talk About a Car or Bicycle Trip You Would Like to Go On Recent Speaking Test

Talk about a car or bicycle trip you would like to go on. Please tell me

Sample 1

There are a lot of trips which people like to organize in their day to day lives. Some people prefer to enjoy a vacation to reduce their level of stress and spend quality time with family members, which eventually leads to the ability to enhance their friendship as well as bonding with each other they are lots of a which people like to go on various trips like a mountain in hilly areas. Here I would like to talk about on trip which I would like to go on in the future that would be a mountain trip, Which is located in a Shimla moreover Shimla provides an incredible view which people gets attracted with the beauty, and they are lots of amenities which Shimla government provides towards the tourist Because the tourism sector of Shimla is quite incredible as compared to other cities because Shimla considers the beauty of nature and the view of these places are amazing, so that’s the reason which people like to come to Shimla from the international as well as other parts of the world to enjoy every moment over there, however, I would like to go in the street of Shimla by my car even we are five members in my family, and I will go in winter vacations. One of the foremost reasons is that the view of the city during winter vacation is a quite a fantastic, and whole the mountains and roads are covered with heavy snow. Therefore my friend Rahul recently visited a Shimla during winter vacation, and he told me about the interesting fact in the Shimla. Even he also gave me suggestions. Therefore, some few places are quite popular, and you need to buy and go shopping over there because the wooden market of Shimla is quite incredible; moreover, I will plan this trip for five days, and I have some sort of plan to book 4 of five nights in a hotel because I want to explore the ever single place in a Shimla and enjoy that moment and make to remember, so that will be a round trip which I would like to go in a future along with my family.

Sample 2

Talk about a trip which I had been planning to go for so many years so a travelling a one of my favourite past time which I want which I regularly go but unfortunately due to the lockdown we are unable to go for so many trips I want to talk about one trip which my friends. I had been planning since where and college, and that is a car trip to Goa, even NOS; Goa is one of the most beautiful destinations with amazing beaches and mountains with astonishing landscapes. Believe that there are so many teachers who attract tourists all over the world. I want to take this trip with my best friend who is always by my side through thick and thin, so I want to a visit this place maybe next month because that is the best place best time to visit Goa the weather is dog mind and breezy rather than a hot humid I am planning to drive the entire drive through the entire journey because I always wanted to take some trip with where I want to

Follow-ups of Talk About a Car or Bicycle Trip You Would Like to Go On

Question 1:- Do people in your country prefer to travel by car or bike?

Answer 1:- People in my country like to travel by car and Bike and any mode of transportation because it’s dependent on their needs, but the majority of individuals like to go on a trip by Car because Car is a more comfortable mode of transport and to try to transfer for them so while being in travelling they need to take some halt to refresh their mind and continue their journey again with the energy so Bike is also popular in my country and many people like to use a cycle for a short distance and youngsters also like to prefer biking in the in hilly areas.

Answer 2:- It depends upon the destination where they prefer to go. Suppose it is the mountain region, then it is optimal to have a bike ride because it is challenging to go to such places which have narrow roads and accompanied by a car would be difficult. On the flip side people who want to visit places where it is a low lying region then they can accompany their friends of the family is using a car.

Question 2:- Is cycling becoming less popular or more popular in your country?

Answer 1:- According to the modern era, cycling is quite less popular among individuals because the majority of individuals are already involved in a rat race and that they prefer to go to their workplaces by car. The car provides numerous amenities in favour of the customer who likes to avail themselves them apart from that the trend of cycling is quite low because people feel a shame in front of others and the cycling considers the lowest symbol of status so this kind of things which people like to avoid the cycles in nowadays.

Answer 2:- In my country, cycling is becoming more significant on a daily basis because nowadays people are on the verge of becoming obese due to their changing Lifestyle so people are mostly to do some physical activity hence most of the residents who are living in gated communities are renting or buying cycles and they are going for different competitions as well.

Question 3:- Do you think people need to drive fewer cars to protect the environment?

Answer 1:- Yes, I agree with above the notion which people need to drive fewer cars to protect the environment because it’s a responsibility to preserve their environment all the way and we need to use public transport in our day to day life which eventually leads to reduce the level of pollution from the environment because car and vehicle deplete a heavy in the toxic amount of pollution which is the which is harmful to our environment.

Answer 2:- Yes, it is important for people to use public transport or use S automobiles in order to protect the environment because the gases which are released from the automobiles are toxic and they might cause carcinogenic diseases as well.

Question 4:- What is the difference between transportation systems in rural and urban areas?

Answer 1:- Well, they are lots of differences between transportation systems in a ruler area, or metropolitan city even a city provides the numerous facilities of the mode of transport is in favour of the individuals which people like to avail in a cheaper cost in their daily routine apart from that The urban transport system is much more organized and the public transport is a very crowded but convenient a lot of options are available for daily commute in an urban transport system whereas in a ruler transfer system now much organization is seen.

Answer 2:- In urban areas, most of the places are commuted having commute via Metro the most important way of transportation in metro cities the urban areas still have the same mode of transportation such as buses trains and sometimes Road Transport.

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