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Talk About a Person Who Works on Space Exploration: Recent Speaking Test

Talk About a Person Who Works on Space Exploration Recent Speaking Test

Talk about a person who works on space exploration

Sample 1

Well, space has always been an area of interest for me, and I feel lucky I know one such person who works on space exploration. He is none other than my uncle Ramandeep who, after completing his higher education, had an opportunity to work with the ISRO, the leading space company in India. I remembered vividly last month he got summer vacation from the company and he came to my place and spent about five days at my home, so we shared a lot of things so, first of all, I started the conversation about space programs, and he told me about various instant interesting facts over there, and he also shared his experience in this company because a lot of small and massive space programs which are specially organized by this company and the few programs is not able to share with the people so that time I was too curious to know the infrastructure of space. Moreover, I was in a dilemma about the Chandrayaan program because during this spaceship program, ISRO was unsuccessful because of a technical problem, so I immediately asked discussion with my uncle, and he told me about some technical glitch and network error, so that’s the reason the mission got failed. Even he also shared the upcoming special programs in 2022 and 23, and he gave me a special pass for exploring this organization more closely. There are many travel enthusiast who is looking for adventure. They do not find anything interesting on this planet earth anymore; for that reason, they want to travel to space and experience space conditions along with the low gravity, and their dream would come true very soon, so that is the person who works in space exploration. Sometimes I also feel proud because my uncle is my best friend, and he gave me a commitment to the space programs that will be shown in the future.

Sample 2

There are so many scientists and space rich research programs who are working continuously on space exploration today I want to talk about one search person who is determined towards sending people to Mars and establish a human property of human colonization in Mars elon Musk so I think in this generation everyone knows who Elon Musk is he is the founder of Tesla company and he is ruining the entire world one day out of the blue I came across an article on internet where I found I read about Elon Musk and I was really fascinated when I was reading about him article it was written that he is continuously thriving day and night to explore different space programs and he is working on automation such as satellites rockets spacecrafts in order to visit the space achieve innovation and exploration of different satellites and send all these kinds of space shuttles into the space when I read about this I was really and I said I was on 7th Heaven and I also figured myself and imagined is I would be a part of this and I feel like even I should work along with him and that would be my dream.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Person Who Works on Space Exploration

Question 1:- What do you think fascinates humans about outer space?

Answer 1:- When we look up at the night sky, each of us sees something different, something like an endless constellation of stars and see how many to future and another series home. Space fashion it’s us because it’s the last frontier where we can truly let our imagination run wild, so this type of thing with people fascinated about outer space.

Answer 2:- There are various reasons why people are delighted to know about outer space. Firstly we are we don’t know what it looks like, so generally, people are fascinated to know about things which they have never visited height which is creating regarding the life of aliens on different planets and galaxies seasons create interest among the individuals to know about space.

Question 2:- Do you think that’s why some stories about space travel have been so ‘imaginative’?

Answer 1:- Yes, there are lots of a story which about space travel that is unpredictable because some directors make a movie from the image, so that’s why people get attracted to movies and get popular in a short period but in reality, these practices not is possible.

Answer 2:- Yes, since the human population has not explored the outer space, they are creating imaginative stories in order to explore and see what exactly it’s looked like

Question 3:- How do you think people’s attitudes toward space exploration have changed since the first Moon landings?

Answer 1:- The behaviour of people has changed space exploration since the first moon landing because people have a lot of expectations of the future. After all, most companies, including ISRO and NASA, work full night for the dream of people, and this dream will get fulfilled soon.

Answer 2:- Strong first landed in space. Most the humans were underwear of how it was possible and how he landed on Earth because we did not have much communication medium snow all the human beings are interested in knowing these kinds of exploration, and they are also creating interest in order to go to space simply just pesos went to space and spanks you has it and after has written it created events interest among the human population.

Question 4:- To what extent do you think governments will continue to fund projects in search of life on other planets?

Answer 1:- The government of India is allocating many funds and is contributing a lot to the Indian national space resist organization, and it is extreme is in order to explore space inventions, they are also funding so many projects such that it is easier for space explorers to find out if life exists on other planets or galaxies rewind good contributions towards these kinds of projects.

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