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Talk About a TV Show You Like to Watch: Cue Card

Talk About a TV Show You Like to Watch
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Talk about a TV show you like to watch: Cue Card

Sample 1: Talk about a TV show you like to watch

I have a knack for watching Kapil Sharma’s comedy Show, which is hosted by a comedian Mr. Kapil Sharma. It is telecasted every night at 9 pm except on the weekends.

The show is full of humor, and in each episode, they are guests who are mostly celebrities. Who share their funny experience. It’s a family show, so one can watch with all ages. The whole family loves it.

The host is very comical, and it’s a nice way to relax from the stress of the day and, for that hour, take a good dose of humor. One who watches it gets connected and, for that short time, forgets all his worries.

Many sick people watch the show from their hospital bed. According to them, it rejuvenates them and gives them a reason to smile or laugh and forget their existing pain or suffering.

Sample 2: Talk about a TV show you like to watch

I watch many types of TV programs, but I am a big sports fan, so I love to watch sports programs more than any other program. So here I would like to talk about one program called Breakfast With The Champion.

In this program, the anchor invites a particular sportsperson, and they have a meal together. And they talk about their lives, their struggles, and how they became famous. This program is famous for its anchor because she is a very polite person, And her name is Sakshi. She is also an actress, and she has worked in many big movies like Asura and many more.

I’ve watched this program since 2017. This program is recommended on YouTube, where I watched some videos, and this program is advertised on YouTube. So I watched her program for the first time, and I was very impressed by her polite nature. That’s why I have been watching her program since 2017.

By watching this show, I also gained some knowledge about celebrities and their personal lives, like how they become famous Very famous people and how they achieve their goals. Also, get motivated sometimes. Sometimes their stories I watch this product with my mother because my mother also likes this program because she is also a sports fan.

She is also like the character of the anchor of the show. I’ve watched this world for two purposes: first, entertainment. The second one is How they achieve their goal. There is also one interesting fact. It’s called Breakfast with a Champion, but they never do Breakfast because every sportsperson has a tight schedule in the morning because they have to exercise every morning.

Follow-Up Questions

Question 1:- What do Indian people like to watch?

Answer 1:- It all depends on the gender. Women mostly enjoy long soap shows. The seniors like to watch something religious, and men and kids are fond of action or movies. Some kids are attracted to their cartoon shows as well.

Answer 2:- Indian people like to watch many types of TV shows, such as entertainment shows, sports shows, and many more. But there is a difference. There is a trend among. Female. That they like to watch typical dramas. Nama shows, and males love to watch sports shows and adventurous shows.

Question 2:- Do you think watching TV shows can be educational for children?

Answer 1:- Yes, apart from entertainment, TV can be a useful tool for education. Some of the shows are based on Animal life, Science, and space life. They are very informative and can add tremendous general knowledge to anyone who is interested.

Answer 2:- It really depends on the types of TV shows. Some TV channels, like Discovery and Digital Geographic, have shows that can really educate children. Other shoes, like dramas and shops, are mainly a short of entertainment, but they can also educate children in some ways. For example, watching them can improve children’s social skills, and they can also learn about other countries cultures and traditions.

Question 3:- What’s the benefit of letting kids watch animal videos than visiting a zoo?

Answer 1:– Visiting the zoo is altogether a different experience which I don’t think can be compared with watching animals on TV. But it’s not practical to visit zoos very often. Therefore, primarily it’s not a bad idea for the kids to be exposed to knowing the animals from images. But once they visit the zoo, it will be a memorable experience.

Answer 2:– There are many benefits to watching animals on TV rather than visiting a zoo. First of all, children can learn about many animals on TV. They can also learn how they live in a jungle, how they eat, and what they eat. Whereas in a zoo, children can only see the animals but not learn much about them.

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