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Talk about things you usually do well for your job or study

Talk about things you usually do well for your job or study

You should say:

 Sample 1:-

Well, each and every human being has to do several activities in his or her life because works are necessary for studies or earning bread. I also do enormous things for my studies. And here I would like to talk about some activities which  I do in my daily routine. I explain it briefly.

First of all, I get up early in the morning at around 5:30. I go to the bathroom and take a bath which refreshes my entire body. Then, I pray to Almighty for some time for the goodness of my family. After that, I do studies in the peace of morning because, at that time, no one wakes up so early. So, I can fully concentrate on my studies.

Then, I wish to my parents and get their blessings. Till 8:30 am, I eat breakfast and get ready to go to college. In college, I attend all the lectures and try hard to clear every concept of the topic related to the college curriculum. Besides, I spend time with my friends and have fun.

In the noon, I come back to my home and have a meal with my loving mother. After then I take a short nap to rejuvenate my fatigued mind. Apart from it, I help my mom in domestic works such as cooking tea, serving snacks and so on.

Certainly, I go to the Library named “Deen Library” for group study with my friends because they also come over there. This library is very big convenient for me because  I can borrow books from there and read it at my home. Deen Library has a variety of books that help me to broaden the horizons of my knowledge.

In the evening, I spend time with my family such as talking with my mom, playing with my siblings and asked about serious issues from my dear father. We have dinner together at night.

So, after having food, I wish to my parents and go to my bedroom. Then, I read a book for half an hour. Lovingly, I pray to God again and sleep at around 8:30.

All in all, these things I do in my daily schedule for my studies in order to bright my future by competing for this contemporary world.

Sample 2:-

Well! everyone prepare before their any exam and interview too. I was also very particular about these things during my School, College and Job time. So, here I would like to talk little about my few experiences.

Moreover, I was a student like who get worried about starting off the month of exams. I make schedules soon so that I can give proper time to all subjects. I allot fix time to any subject, also take care of meals. I did the same in my college time.

But I remember, In school days, I also got everything new like a pencil, pen, paper board, eraser, etc. As I said I got most worried in my exam days, I also want to say that these worries always became my strength because it made me well prepared and scheduled person for any task.

Fortunately,  I’m on my dream job. Forgetting this job, I  prepared a lot. Firstly, I selected a perfect professional outfit because I believe the sense of wearing clothes is a crucial part of any job interview. Secondly, practicing how to greeting my interviewer.

After this, I was properly reviewed my resume and making sure that every required thing should mention in it. I also checked previous interview questions by the company and prepared for them. And review all the directions given by the company. I think all these preparations, made my interview well and luckily, I selected for the job.

According to me, do things according to plan is most important. So, above all these things I do before my study and job interview.


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