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The Chart Below Shows the Internet Users (in Millions) in Different Countries

The Chart Below Shows the Internet Users (in Millions) in Different Countries (2) (1)

The chart below shows the internet users (in millions) in different countries in the Middle East as of June 2017. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The given horizontal bar chart represents the information about users of the internet in distinct nations of the Middle East in the year 2017. The calibration is done in millions.

As shown by the graph, the most striking feature about Iran country is that the majority of the populace used the internet, which was approximately 56.7 million people. Followed by Saudi Arabia population that was recorded at 24.15 million, and Iraq was in the third position in using browser with 14 million individuals.

Further scrutinizing the data, United Arab Emirates also contributed towards the internet usage that was about 8.52 million. After that, Yamen and Israel both had moderate internet consumption with 6.91 million and 6.64 million, respectively. In addition to this, Jordan and Syria had remained the same at 6.3 million users. At last, the Lebanon nation had bare usage of browser with 4.6 million.

Overall, it can be seen that majority of the population tends to use the internet from Iran nation and Saudi Arabia, whereas a minority of the populace is from Lebanon.

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