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The Graph Below Shows the Average Monthly Use of Health Clubs in Miami and Florida

The Graph Below Shows the Average Monthly Use of Health Clubs in Miami and Florida (1)

The graph below shows all full-time members’ average monthly use of health clubs in Miami and Florida in 2017. The pie charts show the age profile of male and female members of this health club. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The yielded bar charts demonstrate health club monthly average usage in Miami and Florida by female and male full-time members in 2017.

Overall, it can be clearly seen that men used more health care than females throughout the period. Additionally, between June to September, it was at its peak.

For females, 500 was monthly usage for a couple of starting months of the year which rose to 580 and remained same till May. In June, the health club’s monthly usage grew by 120, it increased slowly, and in September, it touched its zenith point. However, after that month it started to dropped and in December had the same usage as was in January.

For males, health care use in January was the same as female did in March, it declined slightly after a month although, after February usage surge continuously roughly 55 per a month till May. June was a month where men used health clubs mostly. Between June and September, usage change was only 15, after September, it prompted. In November and December, it had 700 and 600 respectively.

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