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The Graph Shows the Hours Spent on Different Study Methods During a Two-Year Course: AC Writing Task 1

The Graph Shows the Hours Spent on Different Study Methods During a Two-Year Course AC Writing Task 1 (1)
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The graph shows the hours spent on different study methods during a two-year course.

The graph provides information on the time used on different study plans within the two-semester program. The calibrations are in hours.

Overall, it is seen that the internet was the last method utilized in the initial period; however, it became the broadest used method at the end of the period, whereas lectures and classes being the most used method in the beginning, dropped to become the lowest method used in the end.

In the first place, the internet was the last method experienced with around three hours in the first year of the first semester, while lectures and classes peaked at almost eight hours, the highest method used in that semester. In the second semester of the first year, both internet and lectures saw a growth in their numbers, with the internet rising dramatically to six hours whereas lectures and classes with approximately an hour rise. In the first semester of the second year, all the three methods saw the same number of hours spent on them at just; above six hours.

Moreover, the internet outraced lectures and classes to become the biggest used method with a surge around five-folds of its initial mark; meanwhile, lectures and classes plunged to a region in five hours, the least method in the end. On the contrary, the library maintained its position throughout the whole period as the second most utilized study method.

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