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Today People Are Surrounded by Advertising. Writing Task 2

Today People Are Surrounded by Advertising. Writing Task 2 (1)

Today people are surrounded by advertising. This affects what people think is important and has a negative impact on people’s lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nobody would dispute the fact that promotions played a vital role in our society. Individuals hardly believe that whatever they are visualizing is exactly correct, and they do follow for the same. I hold the view that they should not be allowed.

Initially, the lion part of our media and other forms of publications are ruled by advertisements. Whenever a brand new product arrives in a market, the implementers approach the agencies for reputable ads. They believe that it is the face of a particular product. Two third of our population had availed various types of advanced electronic gadgets like TV, mobile phones and laptops. Rather than this, these publications are available in the form of reading resources, radios and magazines. Apart from this, bus stations, railways and even airports are often covered with these ads. Watching these mediums, we cannot finalize that people are forcefully using the particular product, and they are using these items without any knowledge. 

In addition, it is the most flourished field of employments. Designing, printing, canvassing and marketing are widely interrelated to particular fields. Government or any other organizations cannot provide a large scale of employment same like this. The fast-food and beverages industry widely depended on commercials because they can wisely utilize the customer’s emotions. 

On the other hand, there is the darker side of the popularity of advertisements. Some of the users felt some difficulties after using specific commodities. For example, Some felt skin allergies after using cosmetics items. But, users cannot blame the advertisements or product because, in the description, they clearly mention the issue that there are chances for these types of side effects.

In conclusion, individual commercials are part of our life. It is our responsibility to understand and choose reality wisely. Overall I am convinced that this may not create a negative impact on our life.

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