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Traffic Problems Are Increasing in Most Cities: IELTS Writing Task 2

Traffic Problems Are Increasing in Most Cities IELTS Writing Task 2

Traffic problems are increasing in most cities. What can be done about this?

It is irrefutable that the growth of traffic congestion has rapidly surged over the past years. Many towns and cities are suffering from traffic problems because it’s gradually skyrocketed across the world and its impact on people’s lives. I would like to explicate several factors responsible for this problem in this essay and suggest some ways forward.

The first reason is migration diversity in urban areas; numerous individuals budge themselves to Metropolis cities as a result of the tendency of traffic movement suddenly boom, which gradually increased the traffic problem. For instance, according to the report of Hindustan Times, 3/4 of vehicles sold out in big cities, thus leading problem of traffic to become terrible and people suffering from a drastic issue produced by the vehicles. Apart from that, taxes on transport is quite low thus leading every people to purchase their transport. As a result, the number of traffic jams is undoubtedly highlighted in major cities. For example, the famous newspaper the tribune recently released the article on sales of four vehicles and found shocking results which they are more than 70% of vehicles sold in the last three months because of the low import duty as well as taxes on cars and bike hence, a large town suffering from traffic problems which not able to tackle easily.

Moreover, big cities offer ample amenities to attract the youngsters and families who prefer to stay in the city and consume transportation services and redeem them. This means large townships dealing bottleneck traffic on every road, which people get frustrated. Furthermore, there is some solution which solves the problem of traffic congestion to an extent, and firstly people get more aware about the utilise the facilities of public transportation which eventually leads to the major issue of traffic jams and it would plummet in a period. For instance, there are numerous options Which regimes would be provided to citizens, such as trains, Metro trams, buses and taxis, which people engage with and widely use for their purpose rather than purchase their vehicle.

In the end, it can be concluded that traffic congestion would be reduced in a way .therefore, employment and jobs are other factors to promote the traffic in cities.

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