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TV & Books: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions With Answers

TV & Books IELTS Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions With Answers
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TV & Books: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

TV & Books: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions With Answers

Question 1:- Do you like watching TV?

Answer 1: No, I don’t; whenever I get free time from my work, I usually watch tv, but it depends on my mood too. The reason behind it is that I don’t like daily soaps, which are quite popular among women as evening shows in India. Most of the time, I get free from 7 pm to 8 pm, which is the time for my mom and my wife to watch TV.

Answer 2: Yes, I prefer to watch TV because I think it is a great source of entertainment, and I feel fresh as a daisy after watching television. It gives me a feeling of pleasure.

Question 2:- How often do you watch TV?

Answer 1: As I said before, I don’t find enough time to enjoy tv, but if I’m calculating it, approximately twice or thrice a week, I get time to watch tv. The most interesting thing is that when I’m enjoying my shows at that time, no one is disturbing me because they don’t like what I watch.

Answer 2: Actually, I am a student, so I have a hectic schedule, but when I m free from my studies, I am free to watch tv.

Question 3:- What kind of TV programmes do you like to watch?

Answer 1: Well, there are a number of shows I usually watch either on Tv or smartphone. For indeed, WWE, Web series, Hollywood movies etc., mostly are in English dubbed, so no one likes them at my home apart from my brother because he is able to understand English.

Answer 2: To be honest, there are a number of programmes available on the t.v, but I prefer to watch motivational programmes because it gives me the energy to do new thing, and I learn new things from that programmes.

Question 4:- What are the most popular TV shows in your country?

Answer 1: everyone has individual choices about TV shows. Some People like to watch daily soaps or others like comedy and action shows likes: khatron ke Khiladi, but if I’m talking about one show which is most popular among children to older people, that is BIG Boss, which is a reality show hosted by famous Bollywood actor Salaman Khan.

Answer 2: According to my perspective, there are numerous programs such as comedy shows, business-related shows, and many entrainment shows, .but one of the most popular is Kapil Sharma’s show.

Question 5:- Has the internet affected your viewing habits?

Answer 1: Yes, I can say it. The biggest reason behind it is that when the internet was unavailable at our cost or the radius of internet services was limited at that time, only a few programs were popular, and we mostly viewed them on TV only. But after the internet got popular and within budget, now, we can watch a number of programs online which are posted globally and free to watch. Finally, I can say it really affects my viewing habits.

Answer 2: Yes, definitely, the internet also affected my mood. It gave me more knowledge about new things, and I learned how to live a happy life appropriately.

Question 6:- How often do you read?

Answer 1: As I am an engineer, I have to prepare daily. A number of things or developments are happening daily in the market. To keep myself up to date, I have to read on a daily basis about my work, apart from that I’m reading novels and magazines too.

Answer 2: Honestly speaking, I am fond of reading .on a daily basis; I read the newspaper in the morning and learn some interesting books when I am free.

Question 7:- Do you like reading books? Why?

Answer 1:-Yes, I do; I love to read books. In my list, there are a number of books which I read in the past few months, for instance, Baal Jiben, three mistakes of my life, who is Devil etc., but I enjoyed a lot while I was reading the mistake of my life, it hooks me at each page, what will happen at next level.

Answer 2: As I mentioned earlier, I like reading books because they give me more information about the history and our culture as well as they also make my brain stronger.

Question 8:- Do you have many books at home?/ What kinds of books do you like to read?

Answer 1: It sounds quite funny that I have over 100 books at home, of which approximately. Eighty are related to programming and networking. Only 20 books are related to novels and horror stories. But nowadays I’m listening to all the books on the broadcast channel, which makes it so easy to read all the stories while I’m busy or working.

Answer 2: I don’t have any books in my abode, but I go to the library to read books at school.

Question 9:- Do you prefer to buy books or borrow them?

Answer 1: Well, it depends on the type of book, but in general, I always borrow books from my colleagues and friends to read. There are two main beliefs about this: firstly, I save money to spend on it. Secondly, I use the money which I have to spend on those books rather than buy another new book which is not available in my friend and colleague’s Collection.

Answer 2: Actually, I prefer to buy online from Amazon and Flipkart.

Question 10:- What are the benefits of reading?

Answer 1: There are a number of benefits, but I am assuming that reading books keeps us habituated to reading long topics, and secondly, it helps us to use correct vocabulary and pronunciation. For instance, most people don’t like to read lengthy passages or reading topics, so if we are actually reading, it is quite easy for us.

Answer 2: There are many pros to reading books. Firstly, it improves our reading skills. Secondly, we can feel relaxed and happy. Last but not least, it makes our brain power stronger, and we can learn new things from these activities.

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