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Write a Letter to Your Friend Who Agrees to Stay at Your Place

Write a Letter to Your Friend Who Agrees to Stay at Your Place (1)

Write a letter to your friend who agrees to stay at your place while you have to go for a vacation thank you, friend, for the stay at your place and

Remind him or her of the vacation dates

Tell your friends from where to take the keys

Tell your friend about some things which you want him or her to do at your place.

Dear Guri,
Great to hear that you agreed to stay at my home, while I’ll be on holiday. I’m grateful to you for this kind gesture.

Let me remind you about the dates on which I’m going to make my itinerary. I’ve selected a weekly package. It starts from 10 June to 17 June; if possible, make your visit before my expedition.

Moreover, if you get late in reaching early morning, then take the house keys from Mr Watson, who lives next door to me. I’ve pre-informed him about your arrival, and he’ll be there to help you.

To be honest, you’re very sincere and dedicated, so I thought to arrange your stay at my home. I know you can better look after my house. Therefore, I feel quite relaxed by assigning some duties to you. Feed my pet dog with milk is essential. Though I’ve kept it in a kennel, he needs fresh air to roam in the evening. So, take him for a walk once a day is a great help to you. What’s more, vaccination for my dog on 11 June is mandatory. So, it’ll be great if you can take him for vaccination.

Hoping to see you soon!

Yours Loving,

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