A decision you made with someone’s help

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A decision you made with someone’s help

You should say:

  •     What the decision was

  •     When you took the decision

  •     What the results of the decision were

    and whether it was a good choice.

and explain why it was an important decision or choice for you.

Sample 1:-

Well, in this modern world, each and every person has to make decisions. Some decisions have proved good but some are not. Here I would like to talk about a decision which I had made with the help of my friend Saba. It was about buying a new laptop. I describe it briefly.

Approximately one month ago, I decided to purchase a new laptop. I went to Saba’s home to take her advice about my decision. Because at that time, I was in a dilemma to choose the best product in the company. There are various companies in the market that sell their laptops. saba advised me to purchase a laptop of the “Bill company” because she also has this laptop.

Then, I requested her to go with me to the market. She took me to a well-reputed showroom named “supreme Infosys”. I said to the salesman to show me the laptop of the “Bill company”. The salesman explained its features to us. This laptop is small in size as well as its processor is very fast. It is a touch-screened laptop. I had bought a laptop for my own purpose due to some reasons.

Firstly, I had an old computer of the old version of the operating system. It was not looking good because its structure was very old. Some of my friends said bad words to me just because of this old one. Secondly, The computer’s processor was very slow and it had a little scratch on its screen.No one uses it in the present time.

Moreover, its internal memory is very small and I just keep a limited amount of data in it. I am working in a Web Designing company named “The Creative Minds”. So, I have to store a lot of data on my computer but I cannot able to do so. Due to this reason I have purchased a laptop for my convenient.

Apart from it, I cannot carry my bulky computer with me when I go for work. Because on my workplace, the manager of “The Creative Minds” company has made a rule that every employee should have their own laptop during work over there. So, I purchased a laptop.

Now, I can use it for several purposes. First of all, I can carry it to my office. Secondly, I have internet access on this laptop. I can search for a lot of data or information from the internet. Its speed is fast which helps me to complete my work quickly.

To add to it, I can store movies, pictures, and other stuff in it and I could watch such things during my leisure time. so, I bought this laptop for 25 thousand rupees. I thanked my friend Saba for helping me to take a decision.

All in all, this was the decision that I had taken with the help of Saba.

Sample 2:-

Well, there is no doubt that human being has to make a decision for their own lives or might be for their families. the wrong decisions may devastate one’s life. but here I would like to share about a decision which I had made one year ago.

it was about to purchase a laptop which I wanted. I had made it with the help of my maternal uncle. two years ago I decided to buy a laptop but at that time, I did not have knowledge about it. I took the advice of my maternal uncle because he has been a plethora of knowledge about information technology.

I was in dilemma to purchase a laptop but he helped me with this. he went with me to an electronics showroom and recommend me a good company to purchase a laptop which could have fulfilled my wishes.

it was an ocean colored laptop of intel core processor company. its cost was twenty-five thousand rupees only. I have been using this laptop until now. overall, this decision was life-changing for me because with the help this laptop I finished my projects quickly and it is quite portable and convenient for me. I heartily thank my uncle who helps to make this decision.

Sample 3:-

well, A lot of times we face some situations in which it becomes hard to take a decision and move on. When we see things are going tough to decide, then we prefer to take someone’s help who could assist you and take you on to right way. Every person faces this kind of problem at least once in his life. Similarly, I also faced this kind of situation. I would like to share it briefly with you.

It was about a time when I had completed my metric standard. My result was declared and further admissions were near to start. I don’t understand what I have to do next. My father wanted me to do +1 with non-medical but my friends were going to take Inter-Arts stream. I also wanted to go with them as we have a good friend circle in which we studied in a well way.

At one side, taking non-medical made me apart from my friends. But on the other side, it is the study that can make me more knowledgeable and gives me numerous opportunities for building my future. I was totally confused to think about what I have to do.

After thinking a lot of times, I wasn’t able to find out the solution. So, I decided to get help from my sister who is older than me. She is a Dentist. She has so much experience as she faced these kinds of situations so many times in her life. I Shared my whole problem with my sister.

Then she told me that one day I have to leave my friends when I will have to go to take a job at a big company or start any kind of business. And getting a part in the study doesn’t mean that we get totally apart from each other. We can meet in the evening in our leisure time. And if we talk about the study, if we want to be successful in business.

We have to learn to be independent as any kind of addiction can be the biggest barrier to our success. She told me that now I have to stop thinking about what feels me safer and start thinking about which field I have many benefits. My sister’s words filled me with motivation and now I could decide easily where I need to go.

It was so useful for me to make a decision by getting help from my sister. So, sometimes in tropical situations, we have to take help from an experienced person because only he can let you in the right way.

A decision you made with someone’s help

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A decision you made with someone’s help

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