A Friend Who Is Planning to Visit You Has Asked You

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A friend planning to visit you has asked you to describe the most interesting and enjoyable things to do in the community where you currently live. Write an email to your friend, telling them about these things. In your letter,

  • Say what these things are
  • Say why they are interesting/enjoyable
  • Suggest what you can do together

Dear Sam,

I am as fit as a fiddle here and hope you find this in high spirits. I am elated to hear that you are going to meet me again after a long since. I’m writing this paper to get you acquainted with the highlighted activities that we would enjoy.

Well, I clearly remember how keen you have been on playing football since your school days. You would be glad to know, during your visit, there is an intra-state football match, wherein I registered your name, and now you have a great chance to exhibit your extraordinary skills. In addition to this, you can enjoy my sister’s marriage too, as it falls on the same day.

Apart from these two spotlighted activities, I have several private wonderful plans too. First of all, I have invited all of our fellow students from school to havan an informal get-together. After then, we we’ll visit a renowned club inaugurated recently in my hAfterth where we will enjoy beer and barbecue along with melodious music.

I’m pretty sure these a few arrangements make your visit indelible. See you soon, buddy!


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