A Growing Number of People Feel that People Should Not Exploit Animals

A growing number of people feel that people should not exploit animals and that they should have the same rights as humans, while others argue that humans must employ animals to satisfy their various needs, including uses for food and research. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People have different views with regard to animal protection and it is used. While it is believed by some people that humans should not use animals for their own motives, others feel animals are used for various purposes, human-like eating and medical. In my opinion, animal exploitation should not be done because this would disturb the ecological chain, and they also have aesthetic appeal.

On the one hand, those who justify animal exploitation give the following reasons. First, everyone has a unique property; if humans use animals for food, like chickens, then it is necessary because no one can replace others. No nutritionist can provide the replacement of chicken meat for weight gain. For Example, chicken has a property of protein which is useful for weight gain or muscle building. Second, many medical properties can come from experiments on animals. The scientist said that they do not test any medicine on beings directly. Hence, tests on birds and animals are justified.

On the other hand, some feel humans need not use animals for their motives. Firstly, animals have an influence on an ecological chain. If animals or birds are extinct by human exploitation, then humans are also gone forever. Because everything is connected to each other. For instance, insects are eaten by bats, and if insects are increased, then it destroys the crop, which would affect humans directly. Second, every animal has aesthetic appeal. They look beautiful and complete their nature with diversity. Suppose those are gone, then diversity is also lost, which is a hazard to nature. Thus, humans should not become exploitative the animal for their own use.

In my opinion, in nature, every birds and animal have equal right, and human has the power to save the earth’s diversity, so they need not an exploitative animal because they have equal emotions a human. So that they need not use for research as other computer-based experimentation options are available.

In conclusion, although some people believe that animals are used for food and research for humans, others feel it is not worthy. In my view, animals need protection due to their importance in the ecological chain and diversity. It is rightly said that animals are gone, plants are gone, and then, ultimately, humans are gone.

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