A Hundred Years Ago, People Think that Human Race Is Steadily Improving

A hundred years ago, people think that human race is steadily improving in every area of life. Now it seems this is not certain in that situation. In which areas do you think we have made important progress nowadays? In which areas do you think we still need to make progress?

It is irrefutable that the world we live in today has changed beyond recognizable limits to what it was a hundred years ago. It has all been possible due to the growth of science and technology. This essay shall look into some areas in which we have made progress and the areas in which we still have a lot to do.

Let us first consider the growth in medical science. We have discovered newer cures and medicines for many diseases which were earlier considered untreatable. Even the surgical techniques adopted today are safer and quicker. Organ transplantation surgeries have given life to many.

Furthermore, there have been revolutionary developments in the transport and communication sector. Air travel has become safer and faster. Road and rail transport have also achieved newer heights. Communication technology has shrunk the planet Earth into a global village. People are now constantly in touch with each other through the mobile phone and the internet. The internet is an ocean of knowledge. Even manufacturing technology has made mass production available and everything is available to everyone in all corners of the world.


However, there are still many sectors where we have to work further. Treatments for many types of cancers and AIDS have yet to be found. Alternative sources of energy have yet to be widely recognized and adopted. Ways to reduce pollution and thus put a halt to global warming have yet to be made. Many frontiers of outer space have yet to be explored. Effective ways to destroy nuclear waste have yet to be found.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that we have made a lot of progress in the last hundred years but there are still many areas in which we have to work further.

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