Talk about a pet you or someone you know once had ielts exam

Talk about a pet you or someone you know once had

What kind of animal it was

What kind of care it needed

What you liked/ disliked about it  

My favorite pet is a dog. There was a time when I used to be afraid of dogs. My uncle gifted me a dog 3 years ago and I told him that I was too afraid of dogs and I could not keep it. He did not agree and he told me to keep the dog with me for some time and eventually, I would develop a liking for the dog. I used to see the dog sitting in my garden, and every time I passed the dog stood up and got happy. I knew the dog had started loving me and after that, it was impossible for me to ignore it. After that, I also gave a name to the dog and the name which I gave to it was Tommy.
I spend most of my time with the dog after coming back from work. I go for a walk with the dog. The dog feels very whenever I take it for a walk. I also have to take care of the medicines of the dog because was remaining very ill in the past. I also have to bathe the dog. The moment I put water on the dog becomes very happy and the feeling of seeing the dog happy is simply sweet.
I live a very isolated life. I do not have many friends and I do not know to relate to this fake world. also I think that the only original and true feeling I have is for my dog. I can share both good and bad times with the dog.


Talk about a pet you or someone you know once had ielts exam


Talk about a pet you or someone you know once had

Some of the most common pets that you can talk about are listed below:

  1. Cats
  2. Dogs
  3. Freshwater fish
  4. Birds
  5. Horses
  6. Ferrets
  7. Goat
  8. Cow
  9. Rabbit
  10. Sheep

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Sample answer 2 Talk about a pet you or someone you know once had

It is a very long time since I had a pet!  However, when we were small my sister and I did both have pets, I’m going to tell you all about them.  What kind of animal, how we looked after them, why we liked them and what makes them to this day a popular children’s pet.

The animal in question was a guinea pig!  My sister and I had one each, mine was called Treacle, and her’s was called Toffee.  They were father and son, Treacle was the older guinea pig and Toffee was a bit younger.  Despite their name, guinea pigs are neither from Guinea and nor are they related to pigs.  They are rodents, with distinctive front teeth, they are quite small, compact, rounded creatures, fur covered, with short legs and no tail.  They are also highly social, I think they come from South America, and ‘naturally’ would live in groups of up to ten individuals so it is really important they are kept with others when in captivity or they become very stressed and unhappy.

I loved my guinea pig.  He was a beautiful warm chestnut colour.  He had sort of rosette shapes in his coat – not like smooth haired guinea pigs which I think are more usual today.  I liked to cuddle him, which he tolerated, but honestly, when I look back I don’t know if he really enjoyed it as much as I did. Poor Treacle.  He and his brother Toffee were very talkative.  They made a delightful squeaking and chattering noise when they were excited – for example when they could hear you were on your way over to feed them.

Guinea pigs are really good pets I think.  They are gentle and not too difficult to look after.  However, it’s really important they have the companionship of the same species, a proper diet, fresh food and water every day and lots of room to move about.  They are incredibly active, running around for about 20 hours each day.  Having a pet is a big responsibility, but I think I learned a lot from looking after our guinea pigs.  You have to care for them every day, and that is an important lesson for a child to learn. Sadly, in time they grew old and died.  We were very upset, but that was perhaps a useful life lesson too.  I gained a lot from my friendship with Treacle, but even so, I worry about animals being kept as pets, they are not all looked after as well as they should be.  If children are given pets, I think it’s really important they know how to care for them properly and that an adult is around to supervise, then everyone can be satisfied that the animal is safe and well and that the children and pets are both as happy as each other!

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I like all animals in general, but I think my favourite would be a dog. A dog is a domestic animal and can be seen in almost all houses and streets of my country. The best part about dogs is that apart from being a great keeper, they also shower love on their owners. A person owning a dog gets love and care from the dog and the dog makes sure that no one harms his or her owner.

Although, most people like dogs, everyone has different choices as there are various breeds of dogs such as pugs, golden retriever, bulldog  and German shepherd etc. Interestingly, the characteristics of dogs depend on their breed. For instance, a bulldog is more aggressive than a pug and is more likely to bite you. Even more, the food requirements vary with breed. As a matter of fact, a smaller breed would require more energy and food than a larger or a medium-sized breed. One needs to know the breed of the dog and provide the food accordingly.

A dog surely becomes a part of the family and often it has been seen that they get weak in the absence of their owners. The connection between dogs and humans is almost electric and I believe one must surely have one.

Talk about a pet you or someone you know once had


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