A Plan of Yours Not Related to Work or Study IELTS Exam

IELTSFever cue card example A plan of yours not related to work or study or A plan of yours not related to work or study or Talk about something that you plan to do in life besides your work and study

  • What do you want to do?
  • What should you do with your plan to come true?
  • How would you feel once you have achieved it?

Well, every person has a hobby or a dream plan that is unrelated to their work or studies. I would like to talk about a plan of mine that is not related to my work or study.

I want to go to a foreign country, Saudi Arabia, to meet the human robot, Sophia, who has been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia. 🌍🤖 To make my plan come true, I will need to obtain a visa for Saudi Arabia.

Once I achieve this, I will feel very happy and proud. 🎉 To fulfil my plan to meet Sophia, I am learning the English language because Sophia communicates very well in English, and it is necessary to communicate with her. 📚💬

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She is the only human robot in Saudi Arabia to have been granted citizenship. Created by Dr. David Hanson, Sophia can talk, walk, and understand human emotions.

The name Sophia is given by Dr. Hanson, reflecting respect for the Muslim religion. 🕌 I just want to spend some time with her and talk with her. I really like her when she smiles.

So, it is my dream to meet Sophia. Moreover, I am not able to meet her now, but I hope to meet her soon and make my dream come true. ✨

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