A Rise in The Standard of Living in A Country Often only Seems

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Some People believe that reading stories from a book is better than watching TV or playing computer games for children. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1:-A Rise in The Standard of Living in A Country Often only Seems

In today’s fast-paced world, adolescents have a variety of activities to do. However, a number of individuals say that reading a storybook is the best option for children instead of watching television and playing video games on an electronic device. I agree as much as I disagree with this notion, which I have discussed in detail in the next few paragraphs.

To start with, I agree because there are many benefits of reading stories from the book for children. The main advantage is that books can not harm their eyes. When they use electronic devices for entertainment, they reflect UV radiation, which can affect badly on their eyes. Moreover, the second advantage is that most of the stories give life lessons to the children, so they can read and learn from that, which can help to build their personality. Thus, I believe they should read books rather than do something else.

Furthermore, I also disagree due to they can not find any new information in books, whereas television can provide the latest information on a daily basis, and there are also some channels, such as 9XM, which broadcast video stories that can give better information about the stories than books. In addition, there are also many games that can improve the mind power of the children, such as puzzle games. Therefore, digital platforms can also give benefit to children.

In conclusion, although text reading from books has many health benefits, spending time watching and playing video games has its own positive side. So, children should have to do what they like the most so they can improve their self.

Sample 2:-A Rise in The Standard of Living in A Country Often only Seems

It is argued that reading books is more beneficial for a child than watching TV or playing video games. Despite books having many advantages that help minors to develop in different situations, TV shows or electronic games negatively affect their brain and health.

First of all, reading helps the juvenile to brush up while writing. When a child reads a story, he sees much spelling and fixes his/her problem. Furthermore, books assist in speaking, ideally with proofreading. Also, encourage positive imagination in minors’ brains. For example, in Singapore, juveniles always read books, allowing them to have more activities such as meeting with other minors to have contact. Hence, they are confident in representing their team at school or elsewhere. Due to the positive side of stories, the number of crimes by a child has disappeared these days.

On the other hand, it has been causing issues for children’s health, similar to their brains. A child watching tv loses his/her time and eats more unhealthy food affecting their body often because they cannot go to the kitchen when the show starts. Another option could be, playing games might affect children’s behavior and make them feel angry and easily cry if they lose the game or shut up to another player. For instance, a recent study finds that around 98% of students at D high school who fail the exam are playing video games regularly, and thus, a student with a total mark gives these games useless.

In conclusion, the negative side of TV shows and games has been rising, while reading a book is the best way to develop juveniles in society.

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