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A Time You Spent with A Child IELTS EXAM

A Time You Spent with A Child

A time you spent with a child Or Describe an experience when you spent your time with a child

Children are the future of the nation; they are innocent, honest, kind-hearted, and of loving nature 🌟. They are free from any anger, jealousy, and partiality. I love children because they have a pure relationship with anyone ❤️. Today, I would like to talk about my enjoyable experience when I got a chance to spend time with a child 🎈.

He was my nephew, Parmandeep Singh. It was the time when he was studying in LKG class at St. Joseph Convent School, Moga 📚. His parents were going to attend a function, and they left the responsibility to look after him when he came home from school 🏫.

I gave him a glass of juice to drink 🥤. I was surprised when he changed his dress 👕👖. I saw that his mother made him independent. Then, he asked me to help him do his homework 📝. I told him to rest for some time, but he said to me that he had to finish his homework first, and after that, he would do other things 📚💼.

He took a little help to do his homework because he was knowledgeable 🧠. When he finished his homework, I offered him his meal to eat; he ate in a mannered way at the dining table 🍽️. After that, he inspired me with his conversation with me because he was talking like a sincere and experienced person 👦🏻💬.

Then, the time to play came; we played cricket for some time. He was outstanding in sports too 🏏. He reminded me of my childhood days when I played with my uncle 🔄👨‍👦. So, I saw my memories in him. It was a wonderful experience to spend time with him 🌈. I felt very happy that day 😊.

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