Academic Reading Practice Test 27 TRANS FATTY ACIDS

Academic reading practice test 27 TRANS FATTY ACIDS

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A recent editorial in British Medical Journal (BMJ), written by researchers from the University of Oxford, has called for food labels to list trans fats as well as cholesterol and saturated fat.

Trans fat (or Trans fatty acids) are type of unsaturated fatty acid. They occur naturally in small amounts in food produced from ruminant animals e.g. milk, beef and lab. However, most of the trans fatty acids in the diet are produced during the process of partial hydrogenation (hardening) of vegetable oils into semi-solid fats. They are therefore found in hard margarines, partially hydrogenated cooking oils and in some bakery products, fried foods, and other processed foods that are made using these.

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Are biofuels really the greenhouse-busting answer to our energy problems? It’s not that simple, says Fred Pierce.
A Soon, we’re told, corn crops will be as valuable as oil. This is because corn and a few other crops are being promoted as the ‘biofuels’ of the future. Biofuel is an umbrella term used to describe all fuels derived from organic matter. The two most common biofuels are bioethanol, which is a substitute for gasoline, and biodiesel. Not only have soaring oil prices made biofuels economically viable for the first time in years, but they could also help countries reduce their dependency on fossil fuel imports. However, the real plus point in the minds of many is their eco-friendly image.

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A Comparative Study of Innovation Practices in Business

Companies want to be innovative, but what does innovation mean?
Results of interviews with corporate executives and senior innovation officers in four of the largest publicly-traded companies and one government agency in the Chicago-area, provide some insights into how businesses approach innovation.
The dictionary defines innovation as ‘the introduction of something new’. Regardless of the type of innovation – whether it be product, process, or service – it results in significant change. This change could be as simple as ‘changing the way we do something routine,’ a breakthrough which provides a substantial benefit to the customer, or one that dramatically increases the revenue or profitability of the company.

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